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  1. Watched Rolling Thunder Revue last night - what a hoot. Great documentary despite all the "fibs" sprinkled throughout the film. The best part was when Dylan covered Jeff Tweedy's Simple Twist of Fate and Sharon Stone sang harmony
  2. Oddly enough, the lyric, "It's a drag I snag." is actually a reference of picking up a cross-dresser
  3. Wow, was surprised that no one chimed in on this. I guess maybe we're all approaching that age (or have passed it, in my case) in which we don't really care to be reminded how ancient we've become.
  4. My wife & I recently cut the cord and we are throughly enjoying Netflix and Prime; * John Mullvaney was hysterical * Patton Oswalt was too - I don't know how he got thru the stories about his wife. * Evil Genius was good * Mindhunter was creepy - I can't believe my wife was the one who suggested we watch it. * The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is fantastic, the music alone is worth watching the show * However, the I'm ashamed to say that my favorite is Jessica Jones. A show so powerful, it turns a 62 year old man into a 13 year old fanboy.
  5. I don't like tattoos either but mine would be: "Outside, I look lived in" and, because of the saying, it would probably be appropriate anywhere on my body, particularly my stomach.
  6. All I want for Christmas is a throat-sweet throttle, specifically the black-belt model. I promise that I will always keep the lash clean.
  7. Two things: 1) My wife and I are in bed watching TV. She is drifting off to sleep having no desire to watch the documentary I had on - Man In The Sand. There is a scene in which Billy Bragg & Jeff are asked what to they want to achieve with the album they are making. Bragg gives this laborious speech on how he wants to make a political statement, do this and that, blah, blah, blah. The camera turns to Jeff and he says: "I just want to make an album that doesn't suck." My wife opened her eyes, lifted her head off the pillow and laughed. 2) The opening scene to the Sam Jones' documentary -
  8. My question is do they seek out a restroom or enjoy themselves where they stand?
  9. Don't feel bad - I thought the same thing too! I kept thinking, well Summerteeth has a loud keyboard bridge in the middle, is that what everyone is talking about?
  10. Around that time Jeff did most of the guitar parts with Leroy Bach muti-tasking between keyboards & guitars, I saw them for the first time a few days after you did in Tampa. To me, the best performance of this song was on Kicking Television. There is a magic number of "nothings" that Jeff screams. On the album, when Jeff passes that number, the crowd goes nuts. It's fun to listen to. I think the number is either 25, 36 or 42, but that could be just be old age on my part. People here in the board use to report the number on "nothings" as part of their review of the show.
  11. For years I wish they would play that. I think they would tear it up! I think Jeff attempted to play it at one of the Living Room shows and stopped after a few chords saying it was too hard to play.
  12. They did that in 2002 when I saw them for the first time. Left the stage one by one, while the final coda played out as they left each of their instruments. It was a very emotional and effective way to end the song.
  13. Correction my post above. I meant to say Less Than You Think rather than At Least that's What You Said. There are short (drone-less) versions of the song that IMHO are better.
  14. Also, there is a (full band) version of Should Have Been In Love in which the lead instrument is a piano rather than a guitar that is beautiful. Not sure if it was done during this time, but I think it was Leroy on the keyboard.
  15. That era is vastly underrated. Pre-AGIB versions of Hummingbird, At Least that's What You Said and Spiders are incredible,
  16. Finished episode 2 of the new season of House of Cards in which they are using terror threats to win the election, only to switch over to the news and learn about more London terrorist attacks. Makes me sad and weary.
  17. Put down Quicksilver and will pick it back up again in a few days. Now reading Waking Gods.
  18. Anybody watching Fargo? David Thewlis is fantastically scary - even his teeth are scary!
  19. Just finished Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson - good book, but looong Just started Quicksilver, by the same author - looks even longer!
  20. Trump doesn't get impeached, but things get bad enough so that he resigns. Pence assumes office and pardons Trump. Trump goes back to his "empire" with a little more wealth. Pence & the Congressional Republicans push their agendas into law.
  21. I'm wondering how this will compare to Sunken Treasure. I realize the comparison is live vs. a studio recording, but both are solo performances of the songs. It will be interesting to see what 10-11 years brings in the way the songs are presented.
  22. I remember the same documentary for the way in which he schooled Keith Richards (in front of the camera) on the proper way to play Oh Carol. A precursor to the Jeff & Jay moment on the IATTBYH film.
  23. I'm not a musician either, but if you are looking for gear, and live in Florida, near Pinellas Park, Bay Area Auctions is having a huge auction tomorrow that includes the estate of a owner of a stage production company who, among other venues, contracted for Jannus Landing - a place where Wilco played in 1999. I have nothing to do with this auction company and won't post a link to the auction site, you'll have to google it. I'm sure the equipment is nowhere near as good as the loft sale, it might be junk, but if your looking for some deals... ..and if you can't find any music gear, they're
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