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  1. I don't think Jon's going anywhere for a while, but even if he were, I would still suggest that you come to Los Angeles. His show there has some new twists, and the club's crew has also made some adjustments that extend the night's festivities. Also, there's a nudie bar across the street if you get bored and a real d-bag bar next door in case you want to see more of the cliches that L.A. is better known for. It's a win-win! Looking forward to the Nels/Jon show tonight!
  2. Second show added for October 19.
  3. If you are looking for live music options for August 8 and live, say, somewhere west of the Rockies, you may be interested in the Nels Cline/Jon Brion show in Los Angeles at Largo at the Coronet. It's the seventh or so show in this series, and I can't tell you what to expect, other than some inspired improv. They've been known to break out some Beatles and Roxy Music tunes, and last time, Dave Rawlings showed up with a banjo for a handful of songs. Anyway, it's $20, and there might even be some post-show action in the aptly named Little Room. Details at the Largo Web site. Oh, and Largo is ser
  4. Looks awesome, B -- and lots of second-generation representation on there. Can't wait for this!
  5. http://www.americansongwriter.com/2009/07/qa-sara-watkins/ I think Wilco is one of those bands that encompasses a lot of what I believe in and I identify with about music. The instrumentation is great and I relate to it a lot. Then there is a lot of stuff I love that I don’t relate to as much at all, and those are really exciting. Of Montreal is great. I love Kings of Leon and Radiohead too, of course. But bands that I don’t understand are also really intriguing (laughs).
  6. We got it in Saratoga too. I thought for sure it would make the setlist in Lake Tahoe, but other, more literal choices prevailed.
  7. Jamie was a model concert-goer and gig neighbor, and he didn't seem to break a sweat under pressure. Also, that may be the first time I've heard the solo in "Spiders" described as "tasteful" by the songwriter himself. I'm not a huge fan of the Greek Theatre, but the energy level was undeniably off the charts on Saturday night. After the Saratoga debacle, Berkeley really did feel like home (again).
  8. Don't let appearances fool you. Saratoga Mountain Winery remains one of my least favorite places in the Bay Area to see a concert. For too many of the patrons, the music seems to come second or maybe even third on their list of priorities for the evening. Blerg!
  9. Feist, schmeist--all hail the guest guitarist on "Spiders"! I couldn't have asked for a more amazing conclusion to the three-night stand in L.A. I love this city.
  10. Here was the setlist for the first of three nights at the Wiltern: ["The Price Is Right" theme music intro] Wilco (the song) Muzzle of Bees A Shot in the Arm At Least That's What You Said Bull Black Nova You Are My Face IATTBYH One Wing In A Future Age Impossible Germany Shouldn't Be Ashamed Sonny Feeling Jesus, etc. Handshake Drugs You Never Know Hate It Here Walken I'm The Man Who Loves You ----------------------- [happy birthday to lighting director Liggy] The Late Greats Box Full of Letters Misunderstood> Spiders (Kidsmoke) Hummingbird ----------------------- Red-Eyed and Blue> I G
  11. One-stop gourmet shopping: the Ferry Building. There's so much good food you won't know what to do with yourself, and the farmer's market runs there on weekends.
  12. The Times has a big write-up on Conan today: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/24/magazine...tml?_r=1&hp Can. Not. Wait.
  13. You could fill up your mix extensively with Joy Division offshoots alone: --New Order: take your pick, but "Blue Monday" is probably the classic --Electronic: "Get the Message" --Monaco: "What Do You Want from Me" Don't forget: --Morrissey (solo): "Suedehead," "Everyday is Like Sunday" --James: "Sit Down," "Laid," "Born of Frustration" --Inspiral Carpets: "This Is How It Feels to Be Lonely" If you want to expand your mix, the late '70s were a great time for Manchester bands: --Buzzcocks: "Ever Fallen in Love" --The Fall: "How I Wrote Elastic Man" --A Certain Ratio (actually, I'm out of my
  14. Two of the most respectful audiences I've ever been in were for Jeff's solo shows at the Fonda a few years ago, and as I recall, the '04 Wiltern shows were pretty darn peachy too. OK, maybe the crowds at those El Rey shows back in '02 were kinda annoying, but no city is above reproach. I live in San Francisco, and I love LA (we love it!).
  15. Not to mention we got Outside Lands and the Bridge School shows last year--let some other places reap the bounty for a change.
  16. God, I hate that place.
  17. Didn't get too much of the Record Store Day specials (Pavement, Wilco), but the fine folks at Amoeba in San Francisco made sure everyone left with a goodie bag. If anyone wants the Kings of Leon or Yeah Yeah Yeahs 7-inch singles, PM me.
  18. pnêyu

    Dates in June

    Wilcoworld email says there'll be a show on June 19 in Vegas (the Joint).
  19. The Greek Theatre in Berkeley accommodates either reserved or general seating. The two previous times Wilco has played there, it has been all GA.
  20. pnêyu

    Dates in June

    I think you're looking at Berkeley?
  21. Yes, it definitely has a sweeping feel to it.
  22. pnêyu

    Dates in June

  23. Front Gate has long handled tickets for ACL and other southwestern/southern shows. As I recall, they're great--we should be in good hands.
  24. You told him we had just sang a song about him! [quote name='bb
  25. pnêyu

    Dates in June

    You're not going to be in Saipan again, are you?
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