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Live Webcast?

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Hi Eric! I will probably see you at Summerfest. Will you be loud and drunk too?

No, I'll be shouting Shhhhh!!! to all the talkers.

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In the old days the auditorium would be filled with smoke. Not these days, with fire codes and all. I'm heading out to the car.



Good luck elbowing your way back to the front.


Impossible Germany, please :thumbup

Seconded. I haven't heard it yet.

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Me too. It's very odd that I feel so excited. I'll keep comments to a minimum, but at least you won't really hear me during the concert. That's strangely liberating....


Pot Kettle Black, Pot Kettle Black, Pot Kettle Black, pleeeeaaaassssee!



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I teach H.S., and often play music in class. The kids usually laugh during the "nuthins." I suspect it's because of the misspelling.

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