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We Can Make It Better

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I found the youtube clips and frankly the fact that Jeff didn't flat out deck the guy is fortunate for that fan. Jeff certainly was within his rights to do so, what a dick. I understand why Jeff apologized, but frankly that kind of thing is totally ridiculous. You can tell Jeff was totally thrown and upset, but as the consumate performer he is, he managed to continue.



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Tonight's event's should go unspoken, but this is not the case. I thank the band and those of us that can put this past us. If this childish behavior continues, we might not ever get to experience live music again, do you really want to see live music behind a bubble? A reality check needs to be taken, you're fucking this whole thing up for the ones who really deserve be there. I thank Jeff and you fellow VC'ers for standing your ground, together through music we can change the world!


Thank you...............Donna, Miss Chris, and Edie

We Can Make It Better



Mr. Loves his crotch

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does anybody havr a tape of this show? that would be great.


A few pages back, Brian Sax said he taped...I've PMed him but have gotten no reply (he hasn't logged on in a while).


i recorded the show and will be making it available shortly. as far as i know i was the only recordist. wasn't the best venue in terms of sound but Stan did a pretty good job.



Does anybody know anything about a tape of this show?

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My reaction to this thread reappearing: :blink then :yay and finally :rock


And to the taper: :cheers :music :thumbup

Same here,my stomach dropped.I was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuck.

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