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you'll want to add the new track "Dawned On Me" [Live In Chicago 2011]. it was released today via the wilcospinach site.


also, just trying to complete my collection: can someone help me out with these two?


i think i missed it when them when they were available.


Hell is Chrome (6-12-2004 The Vic, Chicago, IL) - free MP3 from wilcoworld.net

Spiders (Kidsmoke) (6-12-2004 The Vic, Chicago, IL) - free MP3 from wilcoworld.net





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How did I not hear about this last fall? Great tune, best of the Whole Love non-album tracks. Just found this on the random youtube sidebar links of some other song I was listening to.

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Thanks, indeed it is, or was a song she covered? In any event, it sounds so right when sung by Jeff.

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Heh. I had advance info Jeff was going to be at that show and I skipped it. Hate driving to Jersey, especially Hoboken.

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Keep an eye out as well for the new version of "I Got You" they're recording for the Judd Apatow film. Out next month.




I was waiting to verify that it was on the physical soundtrack and not just the film.


And I just confirmed it!



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Added Sherry Rich's album "Dakota Avenue" recorded in 1999-2001 with Jay Bennett, Leroy Bach, Glenn Kotche and Pat Sansone and released in 2012.


Does anyone have a copy of Jay Bennett's "The Magnificent Defeat"? I do not. I'm trying to confirm which songs John Stirratt and Ken Coomer play on. Can anyone help me with that?

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John Stirratt and Ken Coomer played on 'Replace You' from The Magnificent Defeat. Great record. The Courtesy Move played a larger role on The Palace at 4am and also played on two tracks from Bigger Than Blue.

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John Stirratt and Ken Coomer played on 'Replace You' from The Magnificent Defeat. Great record. The Courtesy Move played a larger role on The Palace at 4am and also played on two tracks from Bigger Than Blue.


Thank you! Would love to hear the original Courtesy Move versions of those tracks. Would have made a decent album. Did John recycle any Courtesy Move songs for The Autumn Defense?


Whispers or Screams

Like a Photograph


Let's Count Our Loses

Replace You

It's Hard

Talk To Me

These I'll Provide.

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Ok, this is a regular Courtesy Move day!


Doing more Courtesy Move research. Turns out Max Johnson, Ken and Jay were also the backing band for Steve Forbert’s ’96 album Rocking Horse Head.





Here's the cover to the California 7". Never seen this before. Apparently this had a John Stirratt penned track as a b-side, "Sight Unseen." Catchy little song!




According to this article: http://archives.node...ommon-courtesy/

Bennett's song “Songs That Weren’t Finished” which later appeared on "Bigger than Blue" was originally intended for Courtesy Move. And this article: http://www.nashville...d=118068 says that they recorded a cover of The Bee Gees' "Birdie"

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Added "The Ballad of the Opening Band"


Jeff Tweedy recently recorded "The Ballad of the Opening Band" for the Songs For Slim project, a non-profit to benefit former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap who suffered a serious stroke in 2012. (An apt song choice as Tweedy's prior band Uncle Tupelo was the opener on a handful of Slim-era Replacements dates in 1991). The 7" is limited to 250 signed and numbered copies worldwide and they'll be auctioned beginning this Sunday at 10am Pacific.

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Adding "Summer Noon" from the "Boyhood" Soundtrack


Jeff Tweedy is spending some time away from Wilco this year, teaming up with his son Spencer to release an album as Tweedy. Soon, the elder Tweedy will also roll out a new song via the soundtrack to Richard Linklater's new film Boyhood.


The soundtrack is out on July 8 through Nonesuch Records. The 16-song record begins with "Summer Noon," a song that Tweedy has previously debuted in concert. At the bottom of this page, hear a live rendition of that song from Mountain Jam festival earlier this month in Hunter Mountain, NY.

Film Music Reporter credits the song to Jeff Tweedy, rather than the band name Tweedy, so it's possible that this isn't part of the upcoming album Sukierae (due out on September 16 through dBpm Records).

See the full Boyhood tracklist below. It includes some well-known and previously released songs by the likes of Coldplay, Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, the Hives, the Flaming Lips, Cat Power, Wilco, Yo La Tengo, Paul McCartney & Wings, Bob Dylan, the Black Keys, Gnarles Barkley and more.


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I'm removing "Summer Noon" because it will be on the full TWEEDY album, but I'm adding "The Wolf is On The Hill"




In a fantastically Luddite-esque move, Beck released an “album” in late 2012 consisting entirely of sheet music. Song Reader was issued by McSweeney’s, and its songs have since been performed a couple of times in blown-out live versions. In a strange twist on the idea of a tribute album, the songs have gotten the studio treatment by various artists, including Tweedy (Jeff and son), Jack Black, Jack White, Jarvis Cocker, and others—including Beck himself. Song Reader, the version you can actually hear, will be released on July 29 via a Capitol Records collaboration with discount eyeglass purveyor Warby Parker. The release will also be timed with a pair of eyeglass frames designed in collaboration with Beck, who totally dabbles in that sort of thing, obviously. The complete track listing for Song Reader is below.


1.  Moses Sumney – “Title Of This Song”

2.  Fun – “Please Leave A Light On When You Go”

3.  Tweedy – “The Wolf Is On The Hill”

4.  Norah Jones – “Just Noise”

5.  Lord Huron – “Last Night You Were A Dream”

6.  Bob Forrest – “Saint Dude”

7.   Jack White – “I’m Down”

8.   Beck – “Heaven’s Ladder”

9.  Juanes – “Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard”

10.  Laura Marling - “Sorry”

11.  Jarvis Cocker - “Eyes That Say ‘I Love You’”

12.  David Johansen – “Rough On Rats”

13.  Jason Isbell – “Now That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings”

14.  Marc Ribot – “The Last Polka”

15.  Eleanor Friedberger – “Old Shanghai”

16.  Sparks – “Why Did You Make Me Care?”

17.  Swamp Dogg – “America, Here’s My Boy”

18.  Jack Black – “We All Wear Cloaks”

19.  Loudon Wainwright III – “Do We? We Do”

20.  Gabriel Kahane & yMusic – “Mutilation Rag”
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