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A Thread for Musical Blasphemy you Truly Believe

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OK ...


Big Star is overrated


Led Zeppelin never wrote a good song


Bon Jovi's first single, Runaway, is actually a pretty good song


I find the Monkees' music far more interesting these days than the Beatles'


Grant Hart's Husker Du stuff overall is better than Bob Mould's


REO Speedwagon > Jeff Buckley


The Doors are the worst band in the history of popular music


I liked Wilco more before Nels

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I know Ringo Starr has money up the bum but NOONE should have allowed him to sing and go solo..he sucks...i saw him on Rachael Ray and wanted to hurl. Course they may also have had to do with seeing Rachael bouncing with a drug induced looking grin on her face..nothing against her personally..i do listen to her at work on the radio (tv channel broadcasts locally on radio)...but Rino was best playing drums and not singing...

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Van Morrison sounds like a choking badger.


The Grateful Dead do not deserve their following.


Bruce Springsteen only made one good LP.


Baby boomers have ruined rock n roll.


Metalica's The Black Album sucks.


The Beatles were not good until they took drugs.


Clapton should never have switched to a stratocaster.


I have not listend to Pet Sounds in its entirety.

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Daniel Johnston's entire celebrity is the result a lot of people convincing themselves that he's a brilliant artist because wouldn't it be cool if this dysfunctional guy were a genius?

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I never understood the appeal of My Morning Jacket. I've honestly tried to get into them, but at the end of the day they do absolutely nothing for me.


Leonard Cohen's music sucks when he performs it. (He's a damn good songwriter. I just wish he wouldn't ruin his own songs by playing them himself.)


Why are the Replacements such a big deal? Who cares?

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Oh man I have sooo much I want to get off my chest.


Pink Floyd are the second most overrated band in history.

The Doors are #1.

The Arcade Fire suck.

The Catholics made better music then The Pixies.

I don't enjoy any jazz and the muted trumpet is the worst sound in the world.

Animal Collective/Panda Bear is just trendy shit and I honestly believe that no one likes them.

Anodyne is probably just as good as anything Wilco ever did.

Kurt Cobain, besides being completely unoriginal, was a bad singer, guitarist, and song writer.

Actually, The Police are the most overrated band of all time, I don't care what anyone thinks of me, Sting has never made one moment of music that I enjoy.

Elvis sucked. He was the original sell out and paved the way for generations of Rod Stewarts.

LCD Soundsystem have a few good songs and then a whole bunch of rubbish.


Harsh words? Yes. Did I mean to piss anyone off? No.

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