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  1. Thank you!!! I’m so shocked! Thrilled that he’s wearing it on the album cover!!!! Whoa 😳 ♥️🦋
  2. He certainly is the nicest most warm and kind human ever.
  3. Friends! Please join in virtually on Friday, October 30th, at 8 pm EST for an amazingly rare live-streaming event! Nels Cline (solo) and CUP, the duo of Nels and multi-instrumentalist Yuka Honda of Cibo Matto. Tickets are available here: https://www.arsnovaworkshop.org/.../nels-cline-and-yuka.../ There is a VIP option which includes a special signed limited edition silkscreen poster and signed postcard mailed to you from Nels and Yuka and a high quality download audio recording of the show AND a zoom hang with these amazing artists after the show. Al
  4. Let me know if you're interested! Thanks! vanessaomara@hotmail.com
  5. Oh MY I cannot wait for SSF! Beyond excited!!!
  6. The Baltimore Autumn Defense Street team are the AD's BIGGEST FANS ever...oxoxox Love you guys! Come back soon!
  7. Can't wait to see your photos Kidsmoke! oxoxo
  8. Did anyone get a video of the guitar tech who played the cow bell during Hoodoo Voodoo? Must see that again!
  9. Great set list on the second night--for me the icing on the cake would've been to hear John sing "Just that Simple" and then I'd be beyond thrilled. Met some great folks! Awesome venue!
  10. So glad they are so totally different and that Pat is healthy (on all levels), naturally amazingly talented and more of a "lift you up where we belong" kind of band member. Uplifting, healthy and talented cinches it up for me!
  11. Loved this! Thanks for sharing!!! That man can MOVE!
  12. Can't wait to get my Vinyl copy and hoping it will be signed...if not, I plan to bring it to the IOTA in Arlington and ask nicely....=)
  13. I'm wondering why the pre-sale tix today said General Admission? It's a theatre...confused and couldn't get ANY tickets...was on-line trying for 1/2 hour...so bummed... BUT!...will atleast be at the IOTA in Arlington, VA to see the Autumn Defense show...hoping to score tix tomorrow....good luck all!
  14. I'm with Donna, some photos would be great! I heard Hil did a great job with Someday Soon! Alright Hilary! Rock it! oxoxo
  15. Hope someone brings a cake....or a pecan pie!
  16. Happy Happy Birthday to you Jeff Tweedy! Hope you are enjoying your tour, your family, your band mates, your crew and your fans! We love you! The O'Mara Family...in Baltimore....kids and pets included =)
  17. The company was great! I'm sure you know all about that! =)
  18. Your photos are spectacular!!! I too am awaiting some recording information--let me know if you hear/see something! Thanks!!!
  19. What was up with the Pork Chop and Ce-le-ry yelling? Is this a Wilmington, DE thing or related to the stadium? No idea... I still can't believe Jeff actually ate a bite of the celery that someone threw on stage--yucky! And he asked for more! =)
  20. I bet Noah LOVES this! You missed a great show--- Set list rocked it.... This ranks up with one of my all time FAVORITE SHOWS and the venue was awesome!
  21. I still haven't received mine and I pre-ordered it a long long time ago---like as soon as you could pre-order it---I had ordered it---we wound up buying one on Saturday because the mail sure seems to be slugging along! Where do they ship from? I'm in Baltimore---sadly, the record store price of $ 19.99 was slashed to the "on SALE NOW!" price of only TEN dollars! I was amazed by this since these were just in stores ON Saturday! (isn't it a good idea to wait a bit and then start the sale? Atleast for the BAND's sake?) It's a GREAT Movie!!!!
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