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  1. I forgot what time it was and didn't even start my Capitol Theater searching until 12:20. Still got two GAs. And I remembered from last time that for some reason the seats up top are the expensive ones and the GAs are the cheap tickets. Makes no sense to me, but it works out for my wallet (and my preferences).
  2. As long as we're throwing out "Dream Tour Ideas", here's my choice. 4 consecutive "Evening With" shows (with no repeats over the 4 days), @the Capitol Theater for the Northeast heads. Atlanta for the Southeasterners. Dallas for the lower center of the country. Greater Los Angeles for the Southwest and Seattle for the northwest. Then 5 nights in Chicago to wrap it up. One 200 dollar ticket gets you into all the shows in your city.
  3. Japan's reward for beating the Springboks? Getting to play Scotland on only three days rest.
  4. I love the should we stand or should we sit thread. It's been a while since we've seen it. The best thing you can do is ask the person in front of you what they're planning on doing and hopefully you can convince them to stand. Since people have such a herd mentality these days once people see that people are standing up they'll stand up too. But unfortunately there are a ton of people at Wilco CONCERTS who for some reason think they bought tickets to Wilco ThePlay and that they should sit and watch it like a movie. In a perfect world the first level of any venue would be for standers
  5. Does two weeks off, a festival show in CT and then a few days off before flying to the west coast have any impact on the setlist? I feel like my belief that they'd be practicing the hell out of the new tunes is just Wishful Thinking. Kwhitehead: I'm hoping for a show (or even two) at the Oakdale or the College Street Music Hall in early December.
  6. I'm really on the fence about this one too. It's basically 80 dollars for 90 minutes of Wilco. I want to hear the new tunes pretty badly but I'm also holding out for headlining shows in the fall. I think my plan as of now is to check stubhub and craigslist and the weather channel in the days leading up to the show and if its not going to be 90 degrees with 97% humidity and I can get a ticket for less than face, i'm going.
  7. I did last night's show at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester. My line of thinking was that it would be more fun to be in a general admission setting rather than a movie theater and being a place that the dead actually played I thought it would be fitting. I feel like I definitely made the right choice. A 90 minute drive with some good tunes in the car made if feel like actually going to a show. The crowd was great, not too drunk and plenty happy and friendly. They were also very "into it", clapping and yelling and singing along despite being a thousand miles away from where the concert was
  8. This was a weird Solid Sound experience for me this time. I had a good time but...... The blankets and chairs are getting out of control. This was the first SS that I observed people getting confrontational about this, and it'll likely only get worse. It's cool to want to share the experience with your family but there were a lot of kids 13 and under who looked absolutely miserable during both Wilco sets, I felt pretty bad for them. Maybe if you and your friends wanted to talk about coffee and your favorite types of coffee and the coffeeshops you go to maybe you could talk about that li
  9. Probably an MCLA Rugby shirt, under a trashbag pancho, on Friday.
  10. I'll be wearing a light blue Denton Rugby shirt on Saturday. Bright red hair, i'm hard to miss. Look for me at Desperados around 4:30ish, at Parquet Courts in the Courtyard at 6, and to the left of the main stage stage at 9. I consider myself fun.
  11. Hey all, If anyone finds out they can't go Saturday I'm in need of two Saturday passes. I tried to purchase them this past Saturday and must have just missed out.
  12. Parquet Courts. And Shabazz Palaces if he doesn't interfere with my plans at Jack's and Desperados.
  13. Dutchess Stadium, 7/18/09 A friend and I flooded the ballot box for "Theologians" and it's always funny to hear Jeff say "this song got a lot of requests this time, a suspicious amount of requests".
  14. I found myself in North Adams this weekend so I put some Wilco on and put the windows down. It felt like the right thing to do.
  15. Was this thread created to somehow imply that Wilco is NOT dad rock?
  16. Anyone who really doesn't like what Wilco is doing should start a boycott of their own. They should stop buying tickets to shows and they should boycott this website for a while or forever. Because really, what are you here for? To convince the vast majority of Wilco fans that the band shouldn't be standing up for what they believe in? And even then, assuming that everyone suddenly said "you know what, you're right, Wilco should just shut up and play the hits" you'd still have to convince Jeff, Nels, Glen, Pat, Mike, and John. And i don't think this is the place for that.
  17. So that we're clear, people who are mad at the cancellation (other than the people with tickets in hand) are supportive of the legislation, correct? Otherwise why take the time to complain about it and site incorrect information ("But other states have this same law") as your justification?
  18. It's a strange phenomanon but at most Wilco shows that involve GA people love to be in the center. The masses generally prefer to be 30 feet back but dead center. Myself, I don't mind being to the side. The furthest back i've ever been for a GA show was the covers set at Solid Sound last time around and I was probably 10 people back on the Nels side and I got to my spot about 20 minutes before they took the stage. Another item to note is that Joe's field isnt exactly the flattest field in the world and in the back to the left (assuming you're facing the stage, or the southeast corner if yo
  19. I feel you Mr. Kafka, I assumed that GA would be more expensive than reserved seating for the Capitol Theater shows so I bought reserved seats. When I realized my mistake I was pissed. Why would GA be cheaper? I ended up in the 3rd row of the balcony instead of my customary front row left. But I wasn't pissed at the venue or Wilco or Wilco's management. I was pissed at me.
  20. This is the first year that there will be a band that I would've paid to see on thier own (Parquet Courts). (How to Love Solid Sound if you don't like the Other Bands): You don't have to like or care about any of the non-Wilco bands at all. You just drive into town around 4. Park the car and head to Jack's. Crank down some hot dogs and double cheeseburgers. Cross the street to Desperados and lubricate with a pitcher or two of margarita. Waddle over to MasMOCA at 6:30 or so. Run the gauntlet of people who are just standing everywhere for no reason looking at nothing in particular to get to th
  21. What other shows are uncirculated, for possible release in the future or otherwise?
  22. How about The Avett Brothers, I think they'd be a nice fit as the "other name brand band" on the bill. And even though they're a decent size band i'd bet that there's enough overlapp of their fans and ours that the people coming only for the Avett Brothers wouldnt be more than a few hundred. They'll be in Cooperstown June 13th, with nothing scheduled again until July. And all this being said, I'm going no matter who is on the bill, and I for one wouldnt be at all unhappy if Wilco just decided to play for an hour and a half at 11am and then 2 hours at 7pm, with other bands playing in betw
  23. All this beer talk is irrelevant to me because when i'm in North Adams my alcohol is coming via Margarita by way of Desperados.
  24. In much the same manner that I'd trust a great chef to cook me any meal, I trust Wilco to play any song. Play as many or as few covers as you want boys.
  25. 1) Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 2 2) Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal 3) Jack White - Lazaretto 4) Bleachers - Strange Desire 5) St Vincent - St Vincent 6) Schoolboy Q - Oxymoroon 7) Against Me - Transgender Dysphoria Blues I'm going to leave the last three spots open for the next month or so. Also, I couldn't craft a good enough Iggy Azelia joke to put her on the list. So let's just laugh at her anywho.
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