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  1. copied and pasted from my list for atease's 2008 album list. [01] The Wrens | The Meadowlands [02] The National | Alligator [03] Radiohead | Kid A [04] Elliott Smith | XO [05] Modest Mouse | The Moon & Antarctica [06] Wilco | Yankee Hotel Foxtrot [07] Built to Spill | Perfect From Now On [08] Modest Mouse | The Lonesome Crowded West [09] Okkervil River | Black Sheep Boy [10] Wolf Parade | Apologies to the Queen Mary [11] Pavement | Slanted & Enchanted [12] Broken Social Scene | You Forgot It In People [13] The National | Boxer [14] The Hold Steady | Separation Sunday [15] Ryan Adams
  2. I haven't seen that since I first watched the episode but if you go back and look you could tell if it was Locke or not because his eyes are green; Jacob's are brown and Christian's are blue. Wait so why are they dead when 815 crashes?
  3. Things I've listened to today: Lil Wayne - The Carter III: Glad to see Wayne's still crazy and that the official stuff lives up to the bootlegs. Prolly a few more slower jams on here than I'd like but that's ok cause he can pull it off. On first listen I'd say Mr. Carter, Dr. Carter, Let The Beat Build, and Comfortable are faves. Deerhunter - Microcastle: Hot damn is this a good one. Poppier than Cryptograms, Cox seems like he went in the direction of the Flourescent Grey EP. Lots of great stuff here, my fave right now is Nothing Ever Happened. Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer: A better rip
  4. lol. So far sitting at my computer writing papers all day I've listened to: Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer. Probably my AOTY thus far, I love this baby. Ryan Adams - Cold Roses. I can never decide if this or Heartbreaker are my favorite RA. Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing. This album is amazing to zone out and get some work done to and I mean that in the best possible way, a noisy band with a great sense for melody. Shearwater - Rook. Only first listen so I need many more but sounded great, beautifully produced. Kanye West - The Graduate Mixtape. Fun collection of odds and ends and pretty g
  5. I listened to this a few times now and I'm really loving it, which is weird because I totally figured it was not my thing. I was not very keen on Icky Thump (some really good songs, but also some weak moments and production kills it) or Broken Boy Soldiers (I liked about 3 songs but the rest seemed like b-side material). Get Behind Me Satan is probably my favorite overall JW album. Anyway, they sound so much more urgent on this album. It seems more off-the-cuff and like they are having fun. Plus it's full of great songs bursting with hooks. What a fun guitar rock pop record - can't wait to h
  6. I saw them on the Gimme Fiction tour. They were ok, pretty lackluster though and I left feeling pretty disappointed since I love Spoon so much. The glowing reviews make me think I caught them on an off-night. Jim Eno was a nice dude to talk to though.
  7. The economy is spiraling downward and probably headed towards the biggest collapse since the Great Depression yet the focus on our presidential candidates is about a former pastor. Only in America folks.
  8. Apparently the full title is "Viva la Vida Or Death And All His Friends." Wow.
  9. roughly in order of my enjoyment so far this year Why? - Alopecia Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride Constantines - Kensington Heights Fleet Foxes - S/T and Sun Giant Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Real Emotional Trash Animal Collective - Water Curses Vampire Weekend - S/T Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell Destroyer - Trouble in Dreams Hot Chip - Made in the Dark Jamie Lidell - Jim Magnetic Fields - Distortion Need to listen to more: Sun Kil Moon - April Man Man - Rabbit Hats Boris - Smile M83 - Saturdays = Youth Silver Jews - Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea (although after 2 listens I am feel
  10. Really? It strikes me as much more of an Avey collection of songs. Either way, they are all just from the SJ sessions.
  11. I'm really excited for this. I haven't listened to any RHP yet or Tiny Cities but Ghosts of the Great Highway is sooo good.
  12. What? Why shouldn't I do this? I break plenty of laws that I feel comfortable with breaking.
  13. As far as I'm concerned, Spitzer's ethical transgressions dwarf in comparison to the ethical transgressions of half a million innocent people killed in Iraq, thousands of our soldiers killed and wounded (and then not caring for them on their return), handing out billions to KBR for a colonization project, plunging our financial future down the toilet, leaving future generations with a shit environment, not providing our citizens with adequate health care - not to name the countless other political failings of our current government. But of course Spitzer is sooo unmoral and basically the de
  14. SSB Brawl ftw. This game is awesome, continues a great line of games. Really? Lucas comes off as a poor man's Ness but I haven't played around with him enough. It is nice that everyone does seem pretty well balanced though. I have to say though that I will always like the original the best. I still play it all the time. There's so much depth in the moves and strategies whereas Melee or Brawl sometimes devolve into button-mashing. Anyone else think the N64 version will always be superior?
  15. I really liked Idols on Exile but to be honest I was pretty disappointed by this.
  16. Whoever mentioned that warm production, they are right on.
  17. Put me in the camp that was initially wooed and is now doubtful about Nels's contribution to Wilco. I like some of the stuff he added live, but for me Jeff is more evocative and emotional with his guitar playing. I doubt Nels could ever pull off something like "At Least That's What You Said." Then they produced SBS, my least favorite album besides AM. Nels's playing on that album is too weather channely and sounds like everything else he does. At the risk of calling him one-dimensional, he seems to have a pretty distinctive guitar tone that can add to songs like Muzzle of Bees or Ashes b
  18. Due to her glorious backing vocals and amazing drumming, I hereby declare Janet Weiss the MVP of this album.
  19. Elephant Shell is now out in the world. I listened to it once so far and it sounded freakin awesome.
  20. After learning his economic advisors were Chicago school people, I've definitely cooled off on Obama. I still like him because he seems the most electable over McCain and a tad more liberal than Hillary. I just don't think people should really expect Obama's presidency to be radically different from Clinton's - neither would know a new idea if it walked up and hit them in the head.
  21. Right. Maybe just a tiny bit. On topic: I've changed my mind about getting a minor in Economics. Although I'd have to suffer through some awful math classes, I think it'd be worth it.
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