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Chicago - Millennium Park 9/12/2007

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Golden Oldies tonight


They played Box Full of Letters, Casino Queen, Too Far Apart, Red Eyed and Blue, I Got You, Misunderstood, Outta Mind, A Shot in the Arm, War on War, I'm the Man Who Loves You, I am Trying to Break Your Heart, Cars Can't Escape, Jesus Etc, Pot Kettle Black, Heavy Metal Drummer, Spiders, Hummingbird, Handshake Drugs, You Are My Face, Hate it Here, Walken, On & On & On, Impossible Germany, Side with The Seeds, California Stars


A great night for Wilco and a great night for Chicago.



They nailed it.

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Even though we didn't have tickets...we could hear perfectly right outside the venue - it was the best show I never saw and my favorite Wilco show ever!


Fave Jeff quote of the night - after he prefaced the encore saying this next batch of songs is going to be early wilco, from about 95-96; he added "This is not late model Wilco!" HAHAHA!!!

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I'm still in shock from the awesomeness of the encores.


So glad they didn't play the usual stuff (although I still REALLY could have done without Spiders).


Sad my request for Let's Not Get Carried Away went ignored, but it's all good.


Sounds like you had a nice time.



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Here's your complete setlist:


You Are My Face


Pot Kettle Black

War on War

Handshake Drugs

Side With The Seeds

A Shot in the Arm

Impossible Germany

Via Chicago

Jesus, etc.

Too Far Apart


I'm The Man Who Loves You


On and On and On



Cars Can't Escape>

Spiders (Kidsmoke)


Hate It Here

Box Full of Letters

California Stars

Heavy Metal Drummer

Red-Eyed and Blue>

I Got You (At The End of the Century)

Casino Queen

Outtasite (Outtamind)

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Jeff and his son seemed to be fine.


That was my first wilco show...holy fuck, managed to sneak down to first row, right where his kids were. Jeff seemed very talkative and loose. What an amazing set, I hope like hell a tape shows up.


i happen to know that it was taped.


wait a week or so, and you should get your wish! :cheers

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[quote name='bbop' date='Sep 12 2007, 11:46 PM' post='945086'





Cars Can't Escape>

Spiders (Kidsmoke)



This was just amazing! Did anyone else hear them beginning the Steely Dan cover Any Major Dude just before Cars? I thought for sure thats what they were playing before it kicked in. I guess the tape will tell the tale!

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I hope all those video cameras moving around were for some future DVD or something because that was one hell of a show! When you first walked in, you were given good sized magnets with the event poster on them in case you couldn't afford the $25 poster (like me). My seats were pretty close and the first two songs seemed to fly by because I was in awe of Wilco. Dr. Dog did alright, but I couldn't wait for Wilco to come on and aparently the security guard didn't like Dr. Dog because he fell asleep during their songs. This wasn't a good thing because is was guarding the ramp to the stage (left).



Of course, I could mention how great they sounded and how cool the lighting was, but it's the little things that I love. In IATTBYH, Pat was playing keyboard and some percussion instruments. I loved how he mimicked the sound of the album by throwing the percussion stuff in the air over his shoulders and letting them crash to the floor. This made for a great visual and audible affect. During one of the songs, there was a spotlight right under Nels and it cast a giant 'Nels monster' shadow on the wooden wall and it was quite tall. It was cool to see his shadow monster jam. At the end of "Hummingbird", Jeff did his little dance and then ran laps around all the guys and crew. He just ran and ran. At the beginning of a song, Glenn stood up right as a bunch of white lights hit him. He raised his arms as if to proclaim, "I am the best drummer, ever". It was really cool looking. John kept jumping off the ground and I caught Mikeal raising his hands as one point. I thought he was confused or something wasn't working, but I think he was giving props to Jeff jamming on the guitar.



I guess every song they played was a request from the website and the older songs they played were the most requested, hence, why they got played. I think the best Jeff quote of the night was something like this, "How's everybody in the lawn doing? I really wish you could see how awesome we look tonight. Were even wearing costumes!" Towards the begining, Jeff mentioned something about having fun or letting loose or something. He asked, "Why not have fun?" Some smart guy said, "The skyline", so Jeff replies, "The skyline's not going to hurt you." I had a good laugh at that. The skyline did look amazing as a backdrop for a Wilco concert. It was also nice to see people sitting for the first 15 seconds of their set and after that everyone was up. There were some posers there just to been seen on their iPhones, who barely looked up or even clap, but most people had a great time.

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