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The Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL 02/16/08

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Best Wilco show ever. I can't decide what part was my favorite...Magazine Called Sunset, Hell is Chrome, Hotel Arizona, Red-Eyed and Blue>I Got You, Dash 7, Andrew Bird, the real encore...every time I thought it couldn't get any better, another amazing thing happened. :wub


Also, it was great to meet some new VCers and see some old friends again! Can't wait to hang out with you guys again soon. :cheers

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if somebody has a way to help an FTP/torrent/flac converting challenged brother out...i'd really like to listen to this show.


That's correct: hosted at tapers.org, login = ftp4all, and password = ftp4all. I just logged on with FileZilla (an FTP client) and it worked fine. You might also try through a web browser with this URL: ftp://ftp4all:ftp4all@tapers.org/drive1/w...08-02-16.flac16


It's not hard - you just drag the files from the site to a folder that you have made on your desktop or wherever.

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do i have to download each file or can i download the whole at once? im currently downloading each file from the FTP sitge but it is taking 10+ minutes on each file

If you use an FTP client, you can download them all simultaneously (or in sequence, one after the other, without further intervention), i.e. start the download and walk away. If you're using a browser, you'll need to click on each individual file and Save As, unless you're using a download plugin like gethemall for Firefox, or some other download manager.


what about us unlucky folk without dime accounts???

Download the one here, since it doesn't require a Dime account:


ftp: tapers.org

dir: /drive1/wilco2008-02-16.flac16/

login: ftp4all

pass: ftp4all

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photos from night two up here (videos will be up soon)


Thanks for posting these - we were right behind you and I was going to work up the courage to ask you to e-mail me some of these photos I saw you snapping with your camera / iPhone. You can see the tops of me and Elixir Sue's heads in some of these. :stunned

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The show from the ftp sounds fabulous, Brian! Thanks so much! I'm only a few songs in, but I'm so excited cause I know what's coming :thumbup


My 5-year-old laptop hates me right now, but at least I can listen to Saturday night's show instead of mourning the fact that I'm missing tonight's. That's not true, I'll still be sad.


Thanks also to everyone posting photos -- they're all amazing.

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