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No worries guys. Everyone is pretty vigilant here...and wtf do I need Tramadol or porn for anyway? :P

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I was wondering why a banned member pmed me. I excitedly opened it hoping to find a plea to join some sort of VC revolution in aid of the unjustly banned. Imagine my surprise...

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PM Flood Control Patch for Invision Power Board 2.3.6 Released


We have received numerous reports from clients regarding spamming on the Personal Message (PM) system in IP.Board 2.3.6 and below. After consulting with reCaptcha (the provider of the captcha system in 2.3.6) we believe that humans are being used to bypass the captcha and then the newly created account is given to an automated script which sends PMs in huge quantities to your members.


The patch we have released today introduces a flood control setting to the PM system in IP.Board 2.3.6. This will limit how fast a member can send PMs thereby giving you and your moderators time to ban the offending account.


The download of 2.3.6 in the client area has been updated with this patch. If you already have 2.3.6 installed, you can download the patch along with instructions right in this topic. Applying the patch is quite easy but if you have questions feel free to contact support. If you would like support to apply the patch for you be sure to include your admin username and password, and if you are not an IPS hosting customer, your FTP details.



Upcoming IP.Board 3.0.0


IP.Board 3.0.0 contains this update already and new spam mitigation tools such as timed user group promotion. We are also exploring new centralized spam identification and banning services which we hope to have updates for you very soon!

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