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  1. Would love to do SBS again. Trekked it all the way from Australia last time but right now we can't leave our shores. I'm holding out against hope...
  2. On first listen I am absolutely floored by this song. Stunning. Can't stop listening.
  3. I see that Bob Weir (with Dead & Co) is playing not too far away in Cancun and their four day festival - Playing in the Sand - finishes on 20th Jan. That gives him some time to make it down to Sky Blue Sky for a song or two on the last night...too much to hope for?
  4. Road trip Friday afternoon. These albums were the perfect soundtrack...
  5. I remember when Nick Cave released 'The Boatman's Call' way back when a friend of mine lamented that Nick was wasting the talent of the Bad Seeds. I kinda feel the same way about this one. Each song comes on and I'm hanging out to hear the BAND kick in, not just quiet arrangements of Jeff songs which happen to be played by these guys who are in Wilco. I'm two listens in and feeling just a little...underwhelmed. I loved 'Warm' and loved 'Warmer' even more but this one...I'm going to have to dive back in again and again to try and find it. Any other band and I wouldn't devote the time to it. But
  6. Great music changes as we change. It stays with us no matter the circumstances and old meanings shed their skin to make way for newer ones. Sometimes this is painful, sometimes this is beautiful, yet all the time this fills me with awe.
  7. This is the second Modiano book I've read and I've only just begun this one this but it's quite beautiful. Dreams, memory, reality all intersect (already!) in this story about a nameless man who is searching the streets and neighborhoods of Paris for a woman he encounters in the first sentence of the book - when she knocks him down in her car. I'm finding I need a quiet space to sit with it and give the language its full due. When I do this I am quite transfixed by the writing. There are lines everywhere I want to scribble down in my notebook. I came across Patrick Modiano's name in an inter
  8. This was pretty much my experience, too. We put it on most nights during the lull between evening homework and dinner. Being winter here (southern hemisphere) it plays as a beautiful soundtrack to the cold outside. It's just a beautiful record. I was thinking last night how the sequencing of every song is perfect. I can't recall which particular songs made me feel this. It'll come to me. Time for another listen, though.
  9. ^^Yes, me too. Damn, it's a fine album.
  10. I agree. Sometimes A Great Notion really hit me as a work of such pure yet complex genius.
  11. I second the Tascam DR-05 suggestion. I've owned this unit for a number of years now and it's great for recording up close guitar/vocal demos or full band rehearsals. When recording the full band, simply turn down the recording level so the audio doesn't peak. Easy to use and great sound for such a small unit.
  12. Fawn is a great song. Wonderful arrangements.
  13. Train of Love - Johnny Cash but here's Bob's version... http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xlyl42_bob-dylan-train-of-love-1999_music and this.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ijh42sc6P4E
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