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Jeff Tweedy 1/14/06

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I hope this works!

"Album Not Found


The link you are using is no longer valid. If this link was sent to you in an email and you would like to view the photos, you will need to contact the album owner and have them share the album using the Gallery's share feature.


If the link was to your own album and you would like to link your album from a personal web site or create a custom email message, please follow these instructions:


1. Share the album with yourself, from the "Share Photos" tab, with your own email address in the "To" field.

2. After you receive the share email, copy the URL, or web address, included at the bottom of the email.

3. This web address can be sent to blah blah blah........"



I'm getting this.

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Okay, I've got some photos - how do I post them in here?

they need to be uploaded to some kind of photo site in order to either post a link for people to get to them, or post them individually in the thread. have you done anything with them yet besides put them on your computer from the camera?

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Here's the complete setlist:


1. Spiders (Kidsmoke)

2. Airline to Heaven

3. Pieholden Suite

4. Promising

5. Radio King

6. I Can't Keep From Talking


7. The Family Gardener

8. When the Roses Bloom Again


9. Blasting Fonda

10. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

11. Someday Soon


12. What's the World Got In Store

13. How to Fight Loneliness

14. Say You Miss Me

15. A Shot in the Arm

16. Theologians

17. Cars Can't Escape

18. Forget the Flowers

19. Magazine Called Sunset

20. ELT

21. Gun


22. Dear Employer

23. John Wesley Harding

24. Far, Far Away

25. Misunderstood

26. Hoodoo Voodoo

27. Not for the Season


28. Acuff-Rose


* Banter (lots more banter followed throughout the setlist, but I didn't feel like noting it each time :) )

** John Wesley Harding fake out :D

*** Break

**** Jazz Odyssey

***** Two "Walken" lyrics for Sue




I'll post a few pictures and several fond memories from the event tomorrow....for now:


Edie -- you & your family were perfect hosts -- Nate and I felt welcomed the moment we stepped in the building!!


Jodi & Rob -- very nice to meet both of you! Thanks again for the ride back to our hotel!!!


Jeff & Sue -- thank you for making this opportunity possible for all of us! It's something I know Nate and I will never forget.


It was a pleasure meeting all of you & I can't until next year!!! :w00t


- Julie & Nate

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***** Two "Walken" lyrics for Sue

ahh yeah that's what those two lyrics were!! I know someone had thought they were from ITMWLY, but I couldn't figure out which lyrics he would have sung from that cause none of them sounded familiar (since he didnt play it last night)...but it was walken!! okay its been bugging me like all day, thank you! (and thanks for the whole setlist, too! :cheers )

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okey dokey, let's see if this works...


I really apologize for posting the Jeff In Line for the Loo photo but he was such a good sport about it that I'm hoping he doesn't mind. And, no, Erin and Chris didn't give him cutzies, turnzies.


i think you forgot the link hahah, but i can't wait to get that pic, i've got a few people who really wanna see it hahaha

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