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Jeff Tweedy 1/14/06

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Guest Laminated Kat
:monkey I loved when Jeff said that he reads VC from time to time, and he called out VCers who complain that "Wilco shows are all the same songs". He said that they have played over 100 different songs last year and that they obviously need to promote the newest music.

My personal favorite banter moment. :D

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Guest Laminated Kat
BTW that's Johnny Damon in the background of that photo.....


I believe he thought I was such a twat after I mentioned the resemblance

Ron Cey would agree with you. I just fell oput of my desk chair with laughter

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Guest Laminated Kat

I am so thankful to Jeff and Sue for taking the time to share with us on Saturday. What a spectacular evening that I know I will never forget. There is not much more I can say that has not been reported here. All of my favorite requests were played and I enjoyed the banter back and forth almost as much as hearing them. I feel the gift we gave to the children, or

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Here's the complete setlist:


1. Spiders (Kidsmoke)

2. Airline to Heaven

3. Pieholden Suite

4. Promising

5. Radio King

6. I Can't Keep From Talking


7. The Family Gardener

8. When the Roses Bloom Again


9. Blasting Fonda

10. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

11. Someday Soon


12. What's the World Got In Store

13. How to Fight Loneliness

14. Say You Miss Me

15. A Shot in the Arm

16. Theologians

17. Cars Can't Escape

18. Forget the Flowers

19. Magazine Called Sunset

20. ELT

21. Gun


22. Dear Employer

23. John Wesley Harding

24. Far, Far Away

25. Misunderstood

26. Hoodoo Voodoo

27. Not for the Season


28. Acuff-Rose

What a great setlist! Man, you guys got a great show. Thanks for sharing the pics and stories. Very nice of Sue and Jeff to do. :cheers

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Guest Laminated Kat
What a great setlist! Man, you guys got a great show. Thanks for sharing the pics and stories. Very nice of Sue and Jeff to do. :cheers


I have to tell you, that poster is/was such a huge hit. We are all so grateful to have your talents around. Thank you so much.

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Guest Ron Cey

Outside of the amazing performance and great setlist, it was really cool to meet all of you.


Definitely a night that I'll never forget. I'm glad someone pinched me :D , otherwise I might not have believed it was real!!!!!!!!!!

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ohhhh lammy, thanks for reminding me -- your peppers are hanging in the kitchen like mistletoe!!


I also want to thank all the people who brought us stuff -- I know many people brought drinks and some brought food, and though I don't 100% know who did what, thanks for all of it!!!


Also, several of you came bearing other gifts -- Jodi, thanks for the Calexico CD and Warner for the NHampton MA Tweedy show. Listened to it (tweedy) in the car today -- and it is awesome just like you said.


Kudos to Jodi and Rob who arrived early bearing meat lasagna for the group and also got to see me pre-shower after running around all day doing errands/cooking/cleaning :punch


And of course a big :worship to my pal Sara/fresh wind who came with multitudes of help setting up and many live shows -- it's always great to have you here, and this time was even more special. Thanks for keeping me sane!!


And thanks again to john Lackey and Troy for the two incredibly cool posters that could not have been more different. Though now I have a problem in that I don't know whether to frame them together or separately. Thanks for the sleepless nights trying to figure that out!!! :lol


And the BIGGEST shout out goes to my hubby Scott for helping me make this a reality. While he very much enoys Wilco etc, he allows me to be a bit more involved. :lol


Also, when I explained to folks that Scott is a musician, everyone encouraged me to post info about his gigs, so I will. Same for my stepson Max who is also a musician and *allowed* me to play some of his music pre-party. His band will be at the Beat Kitchen at some point, so when I know I will post info. :yes



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Guest gsteinb

either the people, the posters, or the show would have made for a great weekend.....all three is truly special. I'm glad everyone had such a great time. thanks for sharing all of this; it's makes for a great read.

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