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oh man! I forgot to mention earlier that I have met bobbob13 (Chris). what was I thinking????







I'd like to sit on the lap of the following:

  1. Jules



me too! while playing Mad Libs!

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You pretty much wrote my list for me...thanks.


Not to confuse things but I changed my name from marigrrrl to the Residency inspired one you now see. I just had to snag it before someone else had the same bright idea :thumbup


LOVED hanging with you and Mary at the shows and the Fat Cat. The experience is one I will treasure forever!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you in the near future.



I *know* I'll forget some names along the way ("memory's short but the tales are long.")

In some sort of rough chronological order they are...


Bill (willywoody)

Jeremy (brianjeremy)

Melissa (Isadorah)

Vanessa (hummingbird)

Julie (lovecontagious)

Jim, Julie's hubby and Lilac Rain


then along comes the residency tour...


Rob (VWcommercial)

Tamela (happeningstone)

Alison (lady of eating and beating)

Beth (marigrrrl) from NYC

Rick & Laurie from Boston (can't recall VC names)

Leo (leo)




Edie (edie)

Yvon (Ms Yvon)

LouieB (LouieB)

Molly (meebs) ?

Charles Harris (chaslor)

Greg (GregRVA)

Kim (kimcatch22)

Brad (Pigsooie)


Johnnie (j4lackey)

Brian (foolinrain97)

Sir Stewart and wife


I gotta say that this week of Wilco shows have been nothing short of phenomenal. But what made this event special were the people I met along the way. Those common experiences of waiting in line in sub-zero wind chills, the after-parties at the Fat Cat, and the late-night Tex-Mex.


See some of you *very* soon and others of you later,




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