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Solid Sound Friday Night

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Really?  I mean, you can see a common Wilco show of them doing the same old versions of the same old originals anytime, anywhere.  You are likely never gonna see Wilco play most of these songs ever again. I guess folks are different, but hearing them do a bunch of songs I've never heard before sounds awesome to me, but I love the covers.  Wish I could trade places with ya.  


I'm with you. Was an amazing night.. Great festival.

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A week later and I am still smiling about the Friday night all-request mostly covers first night of Solid Sound 3. 

Some combo of our family has attended every Solid Sound. We even visited Mass Moca the summer of 2012 to see the Oh Canada show.

We live 90 minutes northwest of Toronto (almost Guelph) and it always takes some planning to make the weekend work. This time we camped in Vermont and wish we had more time to explore. Next time.


We think that Solid Sound is getting better and better. We are learning how to balance the music with the art. We all enjoyed the Friday night show, I could play Dad and identify the Stones and Beatles and Blue Oyster Cult and Cheap Trick. My son id the Pavement song. We all loved dancing to Get Lucky


I think it is funny that some American bands don't cross the Canadian border as freely as others. Growing up in Toronto there is national pride in Canadian bands, a long standing interest in English bands and this works against some Americans over the years. The Replacements come to mind,(also Sonic Youth)...so some highlights for some are head scratchers for others. Part of the fun.


The media buzz following Solid Sound has me worried about popularity of the next one being a problem. Whether 2014 or 2015, Colour me ready.... 

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So for tonight, do all the same with the version that is up on bt.etree and give us a report on which you think sounds better :). I would myself, but there's a hockey game to watch. I can't get settled until I decide which source I'm going to keep and share. I think I'll have some fun over the weekend doing this.



OK, well I took your "Pepsi challenge" and listened to both these recordings.

Full disclosure - in order to do this, I committed the cardinal sin of converting the flac files to MP3's so I could move them to my Ipod and listen to the same songs back to back on headphones.

Brennan's recording gets the edge with some qualifications.

Nyctaper's has a better low-end, but it sounds like all the music is coming from one monoural space.

Brennan's recording has more of a 3-D sound.

A good example of this is on The Boys Are Back In Town when John & Pat sing back the chorus to Jeff. Their vocals seem to pop right out from a different location and sound great on Brennan's recording

Another good comparison is the opening to Pyschotic Reaction. The guitar and harmonica at the beginning sound much better on Brennan's recording, but when the bass drum comes in, nyctaper's version sounds better.

Another thing in which nyctaper had the edge was the "Chatty-Chuckies" (I don't say "Kathies" since most of the conversations are male voices) on the quiet songs are much less pronounced than on Brennan's version.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why someone would yak while Jeff Tweedy is pouring his heart out up on stage singing (for probably the only time you'll hear him do it) Peace, Love and Understanding.

Probably the best test of this will be to listen to Brennan's version with the original Flac files on my home system and just turn up the bass.

But I will need to do this when my wife is out of the house.

Special thanks to Brennan & nyctaper for their work in capturing a fantastic concert.


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Wonder what the chances of a soundboard recording of this ever emerging?  Would love that.


Something I never noticed until hearing this show is the is the striking similarity between aspects of 'Marquee Moon' and 'Bull Black Nova'. 


Chances are 100%.  

Friday night SS3 Wilco covers set up for sale right now here:  http://wilco.kungfustore.com/categories/491-roadcase

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Over the two nights, my group of veteran music fan/musician friends marveled at the quality of Wilco's live sound. I added that not only did they endeavor to sound like their records, they had obviously worked very, VERY hard at sounding like all those OTHER group's records... a real tour de force. 

Jeff thanking Lucius and saying "no one wanted to hear me sing this song" before ABBA's "Waterloo" was a real highlight for me...



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What an incredible show--I would have given my left foot to be there and hear all covers.


And I've been watching some of the posted videos.  I'm not expert in Tweedy psychology, but I don't think I've seen him smile so much through a show.  He and the band look like they are having a great time.  The "we're all alright" at end of Surrender after going through all the band members is as ecstatic as I've heard him.  I hope they do this again next year.  I'll be there.

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If you walk away from a show like that with anything other than amazement that you've had a chance to experience something that every other Wilco fan would kill to experience, it may be a sign that you need to adjust your expectations--that's all I'm saying. Now I'm done too.

if you only enjoyed because it was something that other people would have liked..?? really? that seems as odd as any reason to me. Kind of "yea, but I was there and you weren't ... nyer nyer"

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