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20 hours ago, u2roolz said:

Backstage at Largo 

Friday February 25


Orphan (Spencer on thigh slaps. Macie Stewart & Sima Cunningham on backing vocals.)

— Jeff explains that they are backstage at Largo at the Coronet Theater. 
— Jeff gets his “game face” on, as do the rest of the band. 
— Jeff can’t reveal who’s next door in the backstage area because it’s a surprise for the audience. Susie says that the surprise was ruined on social media by using the surprise guest’s initials. Jeff jokes “how do they know it’s not Norm Oscarberg.” 
— the band members give Susie their names & ages. 
The Losing End (Neil Young cover. Spencer on thigh claps & backing vocals. Macie, Sima, Liam & Sammy on backing vocals. James Elkington on an unplugged electric guitar.)

It Must Be Love (Labi Siffre cover. Spencer, Macie, Sima & Sammy on backing vocals and thigh slaps. James Elkington on electric guitar.)

— Jeff hopes that the show gets picked up, while they’re out in Los Angeles. 


We were all treated to a very surprise stream of the backstage rehearsal. I sure hope that Norm Oscarberg was a hit tonight. 


Norm was terrific, and he even had a surprise guest of his own, his former castmate Jason O' Hara! :monkey:rotfl

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Hi Friends - I have finally updated the Tweedy Show mp3 archive (over 2,000 song files). All files have been meticulously logged and tagged so they can be easily filtered, searched, and sorted - in iT

I appreciate the accolades, but seriously, all the real credit goes to @u2roolz. The two or three times I filled in for him really showed me how truly dedicated he’s been to this project. It’s fairly

Submitted for your consideration:   It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s The Recapper!  and   If I was a bird and you was a fish, what would we do? I guess we’d wish for…Recap Nat

Posted Images

Largo night 4 encore
Monday February 28


— an usher comes over to tell Susie that there’s no filming. She tells him that she’s his wife. 
— the audience shouts requests at Jeff.

Save It For Me (with Sammy on backing vocals.) 

Smothered In Hugs (Guided By Voices cover sung by Sammy.)

— Jeff asks for requests from the audience. He jokes that they’re shitty requests. An audience member asks Jeff why he asks for requests. Jeff says to kill time, for human connection and to see if people know his songs. 
California Stars 

— Jeff says that he knows someone who makes wooden butt plugs. Jeff quickly admits that it’s one of Nick Offerman’s bits. An audience member screams out that they wouldn’t want splinters which leads to a brief discussion about splinters. 
Radio King

— Jeff talks about the DeLorean at the birthday party next door to Danny’s house. 
I’m The Man Who Loves You (dedicated to Susie.)



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The Tweedy Show Tuesday March 1 Episode 213

-- Jeff says that the curtains have followed them to Los Angeles & welcomes the clients to The Tweedy Show. Susie walks from backstage to a spot in the audience. 
Out For A Walk (aka Circumcised)
Via Chicago
"Tired Of Taking It"
-- Jeff says that's the first time that he's performed that outside of a recording studio.
Either Way
"High On A Cloud"
Sunken Treasure 
Lou Reed Was My Babysitter
You Are Not Alone
Ain't No Doubt About It 
We've Been Had
Family Ghost 
Hate It Here
Pecan Pie
Thirteen (Big Star cover sung by Sammy.)
A Robin Or A Wren (with Sammy on backing vocals.)


That was a pleasant surprise to experience the whole show this evening. Wasn’t expecting that. Thanks to David Handelman for giving me the heads up! Thanks once again to Susie for streaming it to all of us! Oh! And a big thanks to Brian F. for taking a pic of Monday night’s setlist which had some of the new songs’ working titles. That helped me out on the third song of the evening. 

I’ll go skimpy on the notes, since it’s later than usual. Plus, Paul should have a great recap coming soon.


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Hi Friends - I have finally updated the Tweedy Show mp3 archive (over 2,000 song files). All files have been meticulously logged and tagged so they can be easily filtered, searched, and sorted - in iTunes or similar. 


Please email me at wilcovault@gmail.com to request the download link (please keep private and only share with friends/family). 


My long term goal is to do a similar treatment for all the files in the Owl and Bear archive! 

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