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My Retirement Party

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Congrats on your retirement & thanks so much for all the hard work.The reason VC is the BEST board on the internet is because of folks like you,Kyle & Donna.I really can't thank you enough.All the Best!


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Jeff, I can't believe that so much time has passed and that I stil haven't met you in person. But your work speaks for itself, and in that regard, I feel closer to you and many other denizens of this board than I do to "real life" friends. You should be proud of yourself.


See you on the Project Runway boards!

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Thanks so much for allowing me to be involved by helping with this site some years ago, it's certainly given me a ton of great pride in being able to work on and oversee such a great community of people, come together simply for the love of one very giving band.


I will see fit that the board, while it's always changing in feel, look, and membership, always has the same general vibe and sense of community that it always has had.


To the other members, Donna and I will be pulling in a few more members to help moderate (basically the boring part of this job ;)) in the very near future. We're not hiring people to babysit, but as you all have seen, sometimes we get the random spammer or NSFW posts, and unfortunately, sometimes the occasional problem member.


I'd like to think that this is only still the beginning of great things to come, even though it already was and is an incredible site & community :cheers.

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I still feel like I owe certain persons a ton of gratitude,you being one of them.Haven't really got to know the admins around here but there is completely a family feeling when I think of VC....................something my friends will never get,I'm sure alot of us get the ocasional.......so how are you cool internet friends doing?So hears for the hard work you've done long before I was an oceanboy!

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Thanks for everything over the years. As a guy who doesn't find much interest in the internets, I've always enjoyed it in here. Most of the other message boards and trading communities turn into spam and dipshits. The admins, and the members (well, most of 'em), moderate this place quite well. Good luck and come back every now and again.


You left the place in good hands w/ ole Solace. :cheers

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ahh, narz. echoing sentiments posted by others:

finding vc (through that wilcoworld link) has led me to some wonderful people and experiences.

thank you for all of your creativity, time and work. damn.


we'll miss you something awful. :love



oh, and i don't know that you were responsible, but during one of the vc renovations i requested a coffee

cup smilie. that SAME DAY, this appeared: :coffeecup


what's not to love, i ask you.

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Narziss, evil admin, beloved ol' pudding pants, you tabletop-dancing fool, I am in genuine tears as I face this sad day. You have been the fairest and most skilled of administrators, a funny and fascinating member of the VC Corps, and always, that most precious of commodities, a dear and treasured friend. I hope that will never end.


My head is filled beyond full with memories of your presence here. It's been a fantastic website since before I even stumbled across it (in April of 2002) and I think I knew, from my very first contacts with you and the venerable Long-Legged Pterydactyl (Hi LLP! :wave ) that I had found something special. All this time later, I remain as honored as I first was, to be invited to help run this lofty little enterprise. I hope my admin-ing efforts have been satisfactory, and you have mostly forgotten that time I locked myself out and had to throw pebbles at the upstairs window until you and LLP came and let me back in.


I promise you that I will try to always live up to the wonderful and unique tone you set for Via Chicago, so that we can always be the sort of website you will have been proud to have mentored. I wish you a glorious, cantaloupe-colored ride off into yonder sunset, knowing always that anytime you want, you can ride back, tie up your sweaty old horse, grab a brew at the saloon, and bust a few chairs over a few heads. Ok, this analogy is not working at all, but it's because I'm so blinded by tears that I can hardly seee t typ muck lesss thing throuough an analgy....**SOB**....


.......oh solace, please hold me.....I'm gonna just cry in a corner for awhile here.....anybody got a hankie? :no


Love ya, Narzy. :cheekkiss

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While doing some research for work, I found this interesting article that applied to you. This guy tried to quit too, but came back after only a year. If this guy can serve Wilco for 54 years, so can you!



Wilco board secretary retires after 54 years

Wichita Business Journal - September 29, 2006

by Ken Vandruff


For more than 54 years, Ted Barnes got up each day and went to work at Wilco Inc. On Friday, he called it a career.


Barnes, 74, retired from his job as senior salesman and secretary of the board of directors for Wilco, a Wichita-based aviation parts and materials distributor.



"Just a real dedicated employee, someone that you can count on to be here everyday and give you 110 percent everyday," says Floyd Walpole, Wilco president.


Barnes joined the company in 1952. He left for one year to work for another employer then returned to Wilco for the remainder of his career.



source: http://southflorida.bizjournals.com/southf...56800%5E1354183



But seriously, thanks for board, it has provided me with lots of laughs and music advice. Good luck to you!

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Thanks for starting this board and for making it a safe, yet thoroughly enjoyable, place to visit. You apparently had good judgement for putting such awesome moderators in place to help keep this place from becoming a mess. Best of luck with all of your future endeavors.


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