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Terrel Pryor is visiting UM this weekend instead of 2 weeks from now. I hope Rich Rod, as Pryor calls him, goes all out and offers him the moon to come to Ann Arbor.

It would be humorous if this guy pulls a Ron Pawlus after all this hype.



[edit] ...but not so humorous if he goes to OSU and flops. :unsure

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In the request for a declaratory judgment filed by WVU's Board of Governors last month, the board asked that Rodriguez submit "full and complete copies of all cell phone records, text message records, phone records, and e-mails for the time period between December 1, 2007, up to and including December 18, 2007."





A series of interesting phone calls began Dec. 9 when Rodriguez accepted a call from Fayetteville, Ark., at 10:29 p.m. The call lasted nine minutes. The University of Arkansas, located in Fayetteville, hired Bobby Petrino as head coach two days later.


Shawn Windsor, a sportswriter for the Detroit Free Press, said Rodriguez told him in an interview that Rodriguez was contacted by Arkansas and declined to speak with the school.

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As top NFL Draft prospect Darren McFadden prepares for the scouting combine, his training tab is being picked up by Nike as part of the shoe company's sponsorship of the Michael Johnson Performance Center, sparking speculation that the Arkansas running back will sign an endorsement deal with Nike.



Nike Dir of U.S. Media Relations Dean Stoyer in an e-mail said McFadden does not have a signed agreement with Nike "at this time."


"Who Mr. McFadden signs with is up to Mr. McFadden, but there is certainly an opportunity for us to demonstrate what Nike is all about ... hard work and peak performance," Stoyer wrote.


Olympic Gold Medal-winning sprinter Johnson opened the Nike-sponsored training center last year after previously training a number of top NFL Draft prospects, including Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson, at IMG Academies for former IMG and current CAA Sports football agent Tom Condon.


Johnson's training center in McKinney, Texas, is sponsored by Nike. "As an official training center for Nike athletes, they will send us athletes year in and year out," Johnson said. "They have been in discussions with Darren ... so he came in on their allotment."


Bucking the trend


Historically, NFL contract agents have paid for and arranged for pre-combine training for their prospective rookie clients, but this is the first year that NFL agents have been prohibited from contacting third-year juniors until the NFL officially releases the list of underclassmen that declared for the NFL Draft on Saturday.


There has been a lot of speculation in football circles that top juniors, including McFadden, would not be ready to work out at the combine since NFL agents pay for and often control the slots at the top training programs. "I am not sure if he will run at the combine, but we are preparing to (do it)," Johnson said, adding that was a decision McFadden would make with his eventual agent.


Looking for a marketing agent


Meanwhile, the McFadden family is close to choosing a marketing agent, according to NBA player agent Mike Conley Sr., an advisor to the family as well as a candidate for the marketing agent job. Conley, who attended Arkansas and won a Gold Medal at the '92 Barcelona Games, said the goal of the McFadden family is to have a marketing agent "in place" before Saturday.


Sources said other marketing agents being considered for the job include Mike Ornstein, Bill Henkel and Jamey Crimmins of The Agency. Conley said he is a friend of Johnson and recommended his training center to McFadden's father, but does not know who paid for the training. But he added that the training center arrangement does not necessarily mean that McFadden will ink a deal with Nike. "What I am saying is that Darren McFadden hasn't decided to be a Nike athlete or an adidas athlete or a Reebok athlete," Conley said.

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Stewart Mandel on SI.com today:


Morgantown madness


WVU's juvenile behavior toward Rodriguez must stop


Posted: Friday January 18, 2008 11:57AM; Updated: Friday January 18, 2008 12:17PM


On behalf of any sane, reasonable people out there who may be reading this story, I'd like to make a simple request to West Virginia University and its followers.


Let it go, already.


Your coach, Rich Rodriguez, left for Michigan -- a month ago. Obviously it was disappointing, perhaps even painful, coming as abruptly as it did. I'd imagine it's not too different from a guy dumping his girlfriend out of the clear blue for a hotter, sexier catch.


But c'mon, West Virginia. This is getting absurd. You would think you would have moved on by now, what with that Fiesta Bowl trashing of Oklahoma. You even found yourself a new man, Bill Stewart, who, while seemingly unqualified to run even a Division II program, you apparently really like.


So why all this continued venom toward Rodriguez?


It started the night he flew to Ann Arbor (with hecklers showing up at the airport), and it's only gotten worse since. Almost every day, we're treated to a new story about some supposed atrocity committed either by bitter fans (who have reportedly harassed family members of Rodriguez and his assistants -- including children -- still living in Morgantown) or by Rodriguez himself (who apparently shredded some documents while cleaning out his office, originally reported to be players' entire personnel files but now believed to be ... umm, notes.)


You slapped the guy with a $4 million lawsuit and made sure ESPN knew about it before he did. Now you're rifling through his cell phone records, trying to figure out whether he called a few Michigan recruits on his West Virginia-issued phone before leaving town. (I'm sure he'd be happy to reimburse you if it caused him to go over his minutes that month.) You're doing your best to convince the college football world what a bad, bad man your once-beloved coach really is.


"It's something new every day, and it's totally ridiculous," Rodriguez told the Toledo Blade.


Don't you see what you've become, West Virginia?


You're the psychotic ex-girlfriend.


It's my experience that attempting to reason with such parties is almost always a fruitless endeavor. But for the sake of the involved parties' sanity, I might as well try.


Here are the realities of the situation:



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Johnson Resigns as Hogs' Defensive Coordinator, Joins Gamecocks

by ArkansasSports360.com Staff


FAYETTEVILLE - Ellis Johnson has resigned as defensive coordinator at the University of Arkansas to return home to coach at the University of South Carolina it was announced by Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino on Thursday.



"Ellis Johnson has resigned as defensive coordinator," Petrino said. "I spoke with Coach Johnson this morning and he felt like this is the best decision for his family. I certainly understand that. He and his wife are both from South Carolina and many of their relatives still reside in the state. I wish Coach Johnson and his family the best. We will now move forward in hiring a defensive coordinator."



Johnson was officially announced by Petrino on Jan. 4 after spending the past four seasons as defensive coordinator at Mississippi State.



"I was blessed with opportunities at two great universities, two great Southeastern Conference football programs with two proven and accomplished head coaches," Johnson said. "South Carolina is home to me and to my wife as well as much of our family. I have 16 years in the state retirement system there and it was something that we were always looking toward in the later stages of my career. It was an extremely difficult decision and the timing is unfortunate. However, I feel that it was the right decision for my family. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity Coach Petrino gave me to be a part of the Razorback program."

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If he doesn't end up at Michigan, I hope he turns out to be the next Ron Powlus.

If he ends up at Michigan, I hope he turns out to be the next Red Grange/Herschel Walker/Vince Young.

I can't decide if I'm really excited about having him at OSU or if I just want to see UM go "OK, wtf do we do now that we didn't get this guy and we already ran our best QB our of town??"



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The Michigan blogs are all saying that he's now leaning towards Penn State. His dad doesn't like RichRod and he wants to be close to home.


At least we got Justin Feagin. He's not nearly as good as Pryor, but he'll be adaquate and way better than Threet or whoever was going to be starting next year.

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That's OK, the Blue will be beating tOSU again by the time Pryor's a junior.

Eh. If this guy is as good as advertised, he might not stick around that long.


I'm just curious to see how Tress adapts the offense to his skills. That's the part of this that hasn't made sense to me from day one--why a guy with this skill set would volunteer to play in a system that is likely to tie one arm (and maybe a leg or two) behind his back. Even in Troy Smith's Heisman year, I thought there was a tendency to under-utilize most of their offensive talent.*


* - I also might be the only resident of Columbus who finds myself critiquing Tress moreso than I ever did Cooper...which doesn't make any sense. :lol

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* - I also might be the only resident of Columbus who finds myself critiquing Tress moreso than I ever did Cooper...which doesn't make any sense. :lol

Just rub some more salt in our wounds why dontcha? First you get the QB that RichRod needs and then you bring back memories of the good ol' days when Lloyd would beat Coop like a rented mule.

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