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Happy Birthday MChris!

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Happy this day! It is time for stomp party for you for sure! Do you have organisation?

Do you have boots? chelseawhitepatmed.jpg

Do you have schnapps? Schnapps-bottles.jpg

Do you have balls of glitter? glitter_ball.jpg

(This is style of Professor from Stockholm - he use special glue - I send you in special package if you have requirement).

Do you have jumping suit? 513kjnltAmL.jpg


Do you have the Abba in your heart? (for this is most important requirement of all for sure!)


Then all is ready! It is not too late. Believe!


I send you a cheeky kiss :cheekkiss in your style.




P.S. Please make PM with full description of stomp party. I wait three days for schnapps haze to rise for it is not to be rushed.

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Happy Birthday!!


I'm glad kidsmoke didn't ban you for the day to keep all the birthday wishes to herself!


I have recently discovered that I have the rather Frankensteinian ability, on this board, to "merge members".....which makes me imagine all kinds of weird and sometimes wonderful blends of two members' personalities! :stunned I think a blended m.chris and myself would be one of the good ones. (Some of the other possibilities send chills down my spine.)


In honor of Chris's birthday, I promise not to merge anybody. Today, at least.

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