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  1. It's better than the last one for sure, though it definitely sounds like they're just rehashing their glory days. Glad they finally got around to recording "Champaign, Illinois," which Rhett and Murray used to do back in the Ranchero Brothers days.
  2. That's on my list. Not sure the moms is gonna go for it though.
  3. She used to follow Willie and Jerry Jeff Walker around in the '70s and can sing every word to that song, but has mellowed considerably.
  4. Looked at that one already. A classic, but definitely not about his mother. Unless he used to sleep with his mother.
  5. My fiance and I are getting married Sept 4 and are still searching for a few songs for different aspects of the ceremony and reception. Given all the fine musically-inclined folks on here, I was hoping some of you might help me think of some tunes that might've escaped my memory. To give you some ideas, it looks like the ceremony will involve the Headless Heroes' cover of "True Love Will Find You In The End," the Black Keys' "Everlasting Light," a friend of mine covering "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You" and Townes Van Zandt's "If I Needed You," and Sir Douglas Quintet's "Baby, Let's Go
  6. The same genius has previously struck on the wikipedia entries for Sir-Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" and Warren G's "Regulate."
  7. Glad to see someone include "Left A Slide". That's a vastly underrated Son Volt tune.
  8. It's growing on me a little after the second listen, but it's definitely way, way too long. I think "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" is my favorite song on there now, which is strange, 'cause I'm normally not into Regine's songs and it sounds like an outtake from the Goonies soundtrack. I didn't like Neon Bible that much at first either, though, and it's grown to be my favorite by far. I'll give this one a couple more listens for sure...if I can find the time to, anyway.
  9. I'd start with In The Air or Twilight, personally.
  10. He most definitely does not suck. He's not starting caliber but he's definitely not bad.
  11. I'd kill to have Gooden back on the Mavs. He really is an underrated player; he's just undersized for the 5. He really hustled for us in the half season before we traded him, and pretty much every Mavs fan I know would like to have him back to shore up the bench. Glad he got his pay day...maybe now he'll get to stay on one team for more than 6 months.
  12. The Dallas show was probably in my Top 3 of all time and I paid $330 for three tickets. Granted, I had never seen him before, but still--if you can afford to catch him on this tour, DO IT.
  13. I'm still reeling from last night's show. Easily one of the top musical experiences of my life. If you can catch him on this current tour, do it. You can read a more detailed account here.
  14. How is this possible? He's Willie Nelson. Everybody loves Willie Nelson.
  15. Here's my short review of the Dallas show.
  16. Yes. Probably won't be up till Monday morning, though. As for the dancing, I hope you recover from the experience.
  17. Saw them tonight in Dallas--fantastic set. The new songs sound huge live. Got to speak to Scott for an article last week, too. Really nice fella.
  18. You must buy Wrecking Ball and Teatro immediately.
  19. I understand. I have this feeling about almost everything Danger Mouse touches.
  20. He's awesome but he's never really caught on here in his home state for whatever reason. I dig his records but his live performances are fairly erratic.It often seems like he's some indie-folk version of Bad Blake--calling up someone he knows in town, practicing maybe once and playing a show before moving on to the next stop on the tour.
  21. This album definitely doesn't have enough reverb.
  22. You should start with Paul Slavens' show on Sunday nights. Great, great radio. KXT can be hit or miss at times but they play a ton of Texas bands so they're okay in my book. They've given my own band so much airplay that I'm pretty sure there are people out there saying "Goddamnit. Not this song AGAIN." and turning the dial whenever we come on. Which is awesome. I do wish they'd add another DJ or two, because some of the syndicated stuff is a beating. The host of the World Cafe especially.
  23. My favorite music bio, hands down.
  24. Alright! Pleasant Grove are my bros. Seriously one of the best unheard albums of the aughts.
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