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  1. and this: If you like Gillian Welch and David Rawlings or even say, the folksier songs of Devendra Banhart, you should definitely go to www.robertellismusic.com and download this last one for free.
  2. Inglourious Basterds was definitely my favorite film of the year (followed by Adventureland and Up in the Air), and maybe my favorite of all of Tarantino's films. The Hurt Locker was great but I don't think it would even make my top 5. I finally saw Doubt this week, too, and still can't believe anyone actually thought Slumdog Millionaire was a better movie last year. Just for fun I looked at about the last 20 best picture winners today and it's amazing how poorly some of them have aged and how many were absolutely robbed--L.A. Confidential, anyone?
  3. Alternating between and James Mercer, Live at the Moonshine Festival 10-10-04
  4. Maybe, but I like Stephen M. Deusner's contributions more than most on that site.
  5. I have tried and tried with this band. I've seen them live and bought a few albums, and while I like a few songs I just really can't understand what the big deal is. There was a great Mumford and Sons review on Pitchfork a few days back (I have not listened to that album enough to say whether I agree with the 2.1 rating, but it was extremely well-written) that mentioned them borrowing some "exaggerated earnestness on consignment from the Avett Brothers," and I think that's pretty dead on.
  6. May 11 will also bring us the new LP from Phosphorescent. http://pitchfork.com/news/38019-phosphorescent-announce-new-album/ The mp3 on pitchfork is quite the barn burner.
  7. Loving it so far, especially "Jackrabbits" and "Good Intentions Paving Co." Some really cool percussive textures on a lot of the songs, too.
  8. If you ever get a chance to see The Hag take it. Sure, he's getting up there, but for the most part he's still got it. 32 songs over nearly two hours=not bad for a pair of 73-year-olds. Check out my full review here.
  9. I thought it was completely flat and awful. Then again, I don't really like the Who. But still, "more exciting" than Springsteen? "More exciting" than Prince? No way. I nominate John Fogerty for 2011. I think he's the last classic rocker who could mount anything close to the Prince/Springsteen/U2 halftime shows, because he can actually rock. In the meantime I'm just gonna buy up My Morning Jacket albums and hope they're big enough to do it by 2020 or so. Or maybe the Arcade Fire.
  10. Exactly. I like 'em both, but I think Neon Bible just hangs together better as a record. It probably helps that I'm a huge Springsteen fan as well.
  11. Neon Bible > Funeral, IMHO.
  12. Get ready to start seeing alot of iPads on stage. There are alot of promising synth programs for the iPhone, but it's really hard to play on such a tiny touchscreen keyboard--the iPad will change that, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Mikael Jorgensen playing one at a Wilco show in the near future. Just a hunch.
  13. The "Outtasite" video is one of my favorite music videos ever and the only one I've ever bought on iTunes. If you can't appreciate the artistry of Jay Bennett's sky-surfing solo then I truly feel sorry for you, friend.
  14. Is it the same thing that was on Comedy Central or is there bonus footage?
  15. Hell yes. Yet another bit of supporting evidence for my 2010 Music > 2009 Music theory.
  16. What about the cover for Fate?! Granted, I'm biased because I only live a few miles from Clyde Barrow's grave, but still...it's a striking image.
  17. I really hope that's not the final cover art.
  18. As another "professional," I'm gonna have to back up Cryptique on this one.
  19. It's probably Pollard by a mile, but Will Johnson at least warrants a mention--6 Centro-matic records (and 2 or 3 EPs), 3 South San Gabriel records, 2 solo records and the Molina & Johnson record, not to mention stints behind the drum kit for Monsters of Folk, Patterson Hood and Jay Bennett and Edward Burch.
  20. Favorites off the top of my head. Possessed By Paul James at Rubber Gloves, NX35, Denton, TX (Jaw-dropping. Brought tears to my eyes.) The Tallest Man on Earth at Buffalo Billiards, SXSW The Tallest Man on Earth at HOB, Dallas, TX Alela Diane at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Bonnie Prince Billy at the Granada, Dallas, TX Teenage Cool Kids at the Dallas Observer Music Awards at Granada, Dallas, TX Telegraph Canyon at the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase, Dallas, TX Red Red Meat at SXSW Dinosaur Jr. at the Mohawk, SXSW Justin Townes Earle at Antone's, SXSW Great Lake Swimmers at Hai
  21. My top ten: 1. Phosphorescent To Willie 2. Lee Fields and the Expressions My World 3. Justin Townes Earle Midnight at the Movies 4. Alela Diane To Be Still 5. The Low Anthem Oh My God, Charlie Darwin 6. Telegraph Canyon The Tide and The Current 7. Teenage Cool Kids Foreign Lands 8. Son Volt American Central Dust 9. Reigning Sound Love and Curses 10.Jim O’ Rourke The Visitor
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