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Jeff Tweedy 02/17/2007

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Everybody's still traveling, so it probably won't appear here too very fast. I'l just say that things went on a VERY long time; that this was the first of the three Basement Shows I've attended where virtually everybody got up to dance (at Sam's great encouragement); and that Mart and Dave and Jeff (and Devin and Adam) make one amazing five-guitar attack band.

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hi paul. i just got home too. before you sit down to type out that awesome setlist, you'd better take a pee break and be well-rested!


thank you jeff and susan for yet another unforgettable, beautiful night of music. i am always amazed by your gracious, warm generosity. i love you guys and (yet again) was reminded of how important jeff's music is to me. seriously.

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Sorry for the delay in getting this up here...


Jeff played on everything, so I'm pretty much only noting when he was joined by others. In the later stages of the show, on songs that he didn't write, others shared in the vocal duties, so that was kind of tough to note. I tried my best. :blush


Anyway, without further ado, here were the songs (in order, of course) played last night at the Hotel S 'n' S:


-Blasting Fonda

-If That's Alright

-"The Happy Song"

-Walk Where He Walked

-In a Future Age

-(Was I) In Your Dreams

-New Madrid

-Strangers [Kinks] (w/Dave Mirabella on guitar)

-I'm Always in Love

-----------pee break 1--------------

-Should've Been in Love


-Let's Not Get Carried Away

-Chinese Apple

-More Like The Moon


-Box Full of Letters

-Laminated Cat

-Pink Moon [Nick Drake]


-Poor Places


-I Wish I Was Your Mother [Mott the Hoople]

-You Were Wrong


-Black Eye

-Radio King

-Summer Teeth

-California Stars

-The Late Greats

-Here Comes The Sun [beatles] (w/Martin Rivas on guitar and vocals and Adam Fitz on omnichord)


-Henry and the H-Bombs [Mott the Hoople]

------------pee break 2----------------

-Stand By Me [ben E. King] (Five Man Acoustical Jam: Jeff Tweedy, Martin Rivas, Dave Mirabella, Adam Fitz and Devin Davis on guitar)

-Airline to Heaven (Five Man Acoustical Jam)

-Try a Little Tenderness [Otis Redding] (w/Martin Rivas on lead vocals and guitar and Dave Mirabella on guitar)

-I Got You (At The End of the Century) (Five Man Acoustical Jam)

-Dirty Old Town [Pogues] (fragment)

-War on War (Five Man Acoustical Jam)

-I Shall Be Released [bob Dylan] (Five Man Acoustical Jam w/Jeff Tweedy and Dave Mirabella, mostly, on vocals)

-The Thanks I Get (w/Martin Rivas and Dave Mirabella on guitar)

-Outtasite (Outta Mind) (w/Martin Rivas and Dave Mirabella on guitar)

-Out on the Weekend [Neil Young] (w/Devin Davis on vocals and guitar)


and for Susan:

-I'm Into Something Good (Herman's Hermits)

-I'm Henry VIII, I Am (Herman's Hermits) (fragment)

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While I'm posting setlists, let me just add that we once again had the pleasure of hearing some of the fabulous musical exploits of our friends Dave Mirabella and Martin Rivas. Aside from their contributions to Jeff's performance as noted above, they also each played a set for us and I would feel remiss without listing those setlists as well...


Dave Mirabella's opening set was, he said, mostly new, original material, so I'm pretty much taking everything off of the setlist he used:

-Far Away

-Real Life

-Before You Go


-Sky Falls

-Burned Again

-Ruby-Colored Halo


-No Guarantees


And Mr. Martin Rivas brought the solo Sunday Morning Campfire to the Hotel S 'n' S (clearly we know where Mart hopes to be in early August when a certain reunion tour hits MSG):

-What You Won't Do For Love [bobby Caldwell]

-What Becomes of the Brokenhearted [Jimmy Ruffin]

-Tempted [squeeze]

-Don't Stand So Close To Me [The Police]>Money For Nothing [Dire Straits] interlude

-Move On Up [Curtis Mayfield]>Freddy's Dead [Curtis Mayfield] outro

-A New Word

-Let's Stay Together [Al Green]

-I Thank You [sam & Dave]

-Tush [ZZ Top] (fragment)

-Superstition [stevie Wonder]

-Driven To Tears [The Police]

-Walking On The Moon [The Police]

-Sunken Treasure [Wilco]

---------bye to Canadian Judy and family break----------


-I'll Be Around [The Spinners]

-Funkytown [Lipps, Inc.] (fragment-"You Get The Gist")

-So Lonely [The Police]

-Be My Girl - Sally [The Police] (poem fragment)


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