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Hi Friends - I have finally updated the Tweedy Show mp3 archive (over 2,000 song files). All files have been meticulously logged and tagged so they can be easily filtered, searched, and sorted - in iT

I appreciate the accolades, but seriously, all the real credit goes to @u2roolz. The two or three times I filled in for him really showed me how truly dedicated he’s been to this project. It’s fairly

The Tweedy Show Wednesday November 29 Episode 221 -- Spencer holds Basil and Susie introduces Jeff, Danny Miller & Sammy.  -- Jeff has a new pair of clear frame glasses which Spencer picked ou

Posted Images

The Tweedy Show


Thursday March 19 Episode 1

“Bathtub show”

New song played over speakers. (I think Jeff said that it could fall under The Racoonists)


Friday March 20 Episode 2


So Much Wine (Handsome Family cover)

unknown song

Far, Far Away


Saturday March 21 Episode 3

Love Like A Wire (Diane Izzo cover)

You Are Not Alone (Mavis Staples cover)

That’s How I Got To Memphis (Tom T. Hall cover with Sammy Tweedy)

A Robin Or A Wren {new song} (with Spencer & Sammy)

Military Madness (Graham Nash cover Spencer & Sammy ONLY)

Jesus Wept (Mavis Staples cover with Spencer & Sam singing w Jeff on guitar)


Sunday March 22 Episode 4

Grandma’s A Cyborg Now (Jeff’s dream poem/spoken word)

——-Jeff Garlin chats with the Tweedy’s

I Am The Cosmos (Big Star cover Spencer & Sammy w Jeff on guitar)

Sky Blue Sky

——Jonathan Richman impression

Awaiting On You All (George Harrison cover by The Raccoonists played on iPhone)

Be Not So Fearful (Bill Fay cover)

Spencer Tweedy sings his song

It Must Be Love (Madness cover)


Monday March 23 Episode 5

Jesus, Etc.

“Baby You’re So Miserable” (new song Jeff wrote that isn’t about Sue. I chose those lyrics to put in quotes because it’s repeated a few times. Untitled)

Don’t Forget

Freight Train (Elizabeth Cotten cover sung by Sammy on guitar w backing vocals by Jeff)

Cars Can’t Escape

Wild World (Cat Stevens cover Jeff on guitar singing a bit trying to get a family singalong)

some notes on guitar of a Kansas song

Susie Kush song (30 sec made up song)

Just What I Needed (The Cars - guitar solo from Jeff)

Marquee Moon (Television - Jeff noodling on guitar)

History Lesson: Part II (Minutemen cover with Jeff on guitar singing and Sammy singing from tablet lyrics)


I’ll have to watch episodes 6 & 7 later this weekend. Thanks again for uploading to YouTube. Time to finally get on IG.


Please feel free to correct any of the above info. I’m going off of memory for the clips that I saw of episode 1. Hope it helps folks to sort through these. Wish the “spoiler” feature still worked.

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There seem to be a lot of people who, for whatever reason, aren't able to watch these on Instagram and have said they really appreciated these being posted up on YouTube. And Susie has said the Tweedys don't mind them being posted (at least for the time being). So I put up the latest two episodes. There's some weirdness going on in the middle of episode 6, but episode 7 is pretty clean. Enjoy.


Episode 6 (3/25/20) : https://youtu.be/_N_h5aQAVKQ


Episode 7 (3/26/20): https://youtu.be/CFk1XxEVtjA


Thanks! I signed up for instragram to watch these but haven't been able to watch live.

Just did some googling,  and it might be that I was trying to watch on my CPU using chrome- maybe you need to use a mobile device to see the live videos???

EDIT: I'm an idiot. Downloaded the app and tried on my phone and i can see last night's video now...

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Fwiw: There is a Ray Bradbury story: I  Sing The Body Electirc / The Electric Grandmother that I thought of as I listened to the new poem (first title was a Twilight Zone and later radio series episode that I heard a couple of months ago, second title a later TV film version).

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What is the name of the John Prine songs Jeff did last night??

Summer’s End

Angel From Montgomery

Illegal Smile


I’m going to post the “setlists” for the past couple of Tweedy Shows in a little bit.

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The Tweedy Show


Wednesday March 25 Episode 6

# Israelites (Desmond Dekker song played on the Tweedy’s jukebox. Susie sings a bit as Jeff plays along on his guitar)

— Jeff talks about his photo negative guitar which he’s using this night.

—“the Open Kimono” story

Radio King

California Stars

“Guess Again My Love” (new song for Susie. Untitled. Jeff mentions near the end of the episode that the song is titled Guess Again)

One Wing (aborted after a couple of lines)

—Jeff talks about ordering socks with boobs on them

— Sue talks about Jeff emptying the dishwasher

— Jeff talks about going to college for 3 yrs and getting no credits

— Spencer does his disgusting arm “parlor trick”

— they explain why they weren’t on the night before

An Empty Corner (Jeff plays the opening)

—Sue sings a bit of The Monkees theme song

I’m Into Something Good (Herman’s Hermits cover. Jeff plays guitar while Sue sings. About 30 seconds)

—Jeff strums something that I can’t quite place

— suggestions on how they can improve the show

/// 33:00 min mark feed jumps around a bit as Sammy joins

True Love Will Find You In The End (Jeff on guitar while Sammy sings. Spencer on backing vocals. Jeff sings near the end)

Just A Kid (Sue, Spencer & Sammy on the “nah, nah, nah, nah, nah”s)

Please Tell My Brother

Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover riff only)

— Jeff discusses why he was cut out of Curb Your Enthusiasm

— talk about The Bachelor

— Jeff talks about Scott Riley & tater tots

— What’s Jeff’s favorite Beatles album

—show us your Pez (aborted until the next night)

////// 56 min in goes back to beginning as Sue wants to end IG Story to save episode

////// 57 min in it seems to go back to live

— show us your Pez part 2. Yes, the Pez collection is shown.

— show us your cereal

— will we get YHF and Summerteeth anniversary releases?

—the “Jewish goodbye”


Thursday March 26 Episode 7

# Cool Jerk (The Capitols song played on the Tweedy’s jukebox)

--Jeff plays along to the song

Evergreen (w Spencer & Sammy helping out on the chorus)

—Jeff changes Evergreen to Quarantine and realizes that he doesn’t like it

Human (Molly Sarle cover sung & performed on guitar by Sammy)

—Jeff starts strumming Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down

Summerteeth (w Spencer on backing vocals)

—Jeff talks about birds singing on the Summerteeth recording


— Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally join in

Pecan Pie

—Jeff plays some of Israelites on guitar

—Jeff plays a bit of What’s The World Got In Store? before the end of the show



Friday March 27 Episode 8

# I’ll Take You There (The Staples Singers song played on the Tweedy’s jukebox)

Laminated Cat

—Fred Armisen joins in

Clay Pigeons (Blaze Foley cover sung by Sammy, Spencer & Spencer’s girlfriend)

New Madrid (Uncle Tupelo cover)

Give Back The Key To My Heart (Doug Sahm cover)

The King Of Carrot Flowers Part I (Neutral Milk Hotel cover w Spencer on guitar & Sammy singing)

[bob Dylan’s 49th Beard was played somewhere in this episode. My iPhone died and I lost track of the show on my iPhone’s Notes. I’m going to try to watch this one again before tonight’s show.

[Edited Monday September 7th: I was notified on FB that Bob Dylan's 49th Beard was actually performed on episode 9 & not episode 8. Thank you, Brian Kaplan!]



Saturday March 28 episode 9

# When A Man Loves A Woman (Percy Sledge song played on the Tweedy’s jukebox)

Lost Love (Golden Smog cover)

Thirteen (Big Star cover Sammy sings while Jeff plays guitar)

Bob Dylan's 49th Beard

Who Loves The Sun (The Velvet Underground cover)

Ghosts Of American Astronauts (The Mekons cover sung by either Spencer or Sammy.)

I’m Always In Love

[Edited Mon Sept 7 to add Bob Dylan's 49th Beard which I missed due to my iphone dying during note taking. Thank you, Brian Kaplan!]


Sunday March 29 Episode 10 “John Prine” episode)

# I Thank You (Sam & Dave song played on the Tweedy’s jukebox)

—Jeff quietly rehearsing a song in the background as Susie talks to Spencer

Summer’s End (John Prine cover)

—Jeff strumming something familiar on his guitar

Don’t You Honey Me (aborted about halfway through because Jeff forgot the lyrics)

— John Hodgman joins in

—Jeff talks about seeing Courtney Barnett perform with Lucius earlier in the day

The Lonely 1

One Sunday Morning (opening riff only)

—Jeff does another Jonathan Richman impression

Angel From Montgomery (John Prine cover)

One Sunday Morning (opening riff only again)

—Jeff strumming the guitar and singing some lyrics about “that’s a natural disaster for me”

—Sammy comes in to join the family

—Jeff rehearsing Illegal Smile

Illegal Smile (John Prine cover w Jeff singing first half & Sammy taking over for a bit)

—Jeff plays a bit of that song again with lyrics “natural disaster”. He even mentions natural disaster and says that it has 3 more verses. Google search came up empty. I believe it’s a new song that’s he working on.)

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Monday March 30 Episode 11


# People Got To Be Free (The Rascals song on the Tweedy’s jukebox)

A Magazine Called Sunset

Plateau (Meat Puppets cover)

You & I (Jeff was trying to get Susie to sing along)

— Michael Stipe impression

I Know What It’s Like (w Spencer & Sammy on backing vocals)

Human (Molly Sarle cover sung by Sammy while Jeff plays guitar)

Spencer sings his song

White Wooden Cross

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These Tweedy Show episodes have been like oxygen in these strange, stifling days.


It's such a gift, especially during this time as you said. It's nice to have something to look forward to at the end of the day. 

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Tuesday March 31 Episode 12

# People Got To Be Free (The Rascals song on the Tweedy’s jukebox)

Waterloo Sunset (The Kinks cover)

Ten Sentences

—Jeff makes up 30 second song about Meshuggeneh

One By One

— Courtney Barnett joins in

That’s How I Got To Memphis (Tom T. Hall cover sung by Sammy while Jeff plays guitar)

The Losing End (Neil Young & Crazy Horse cover)

Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones cover)

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Wednesday April 1 Episode 13


# Dizzy (Tommy Roe song played on the Tweedy’s jukebox)

— Jeff plays the riff to Don’t Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult) while Spencer helps out on “cowbell”

One Sunday Morning

Save It For Me - “bathtub” song from 1st episode (w Sammy & Spencer on backing vocals)

— brief Sting impression

— Jeff sings some of You Only Get What You Give (New Radicals)

Impossible Germany (riff only)

How To Fight Loneliness

— what’s the first song that Jeff wrote

— the bullet hole was shown

— Jeff very briefly attempts a Billie Eilish song

New Moon

— Jeff attempts Pink Moon (Nick Drake)

— Jeff strums Devil’s Haircut (Beck)

— Jeff plays a bit of a John Prine song again

— Jeff plays a bit of Thanks A Lot (Ernest Tubb) while Susie goes in for extreme closeups

Wild World (Cat Stevens) Tweedy family singalong


Save It For Me & Guess Again are so good! It’s been amazing seeing these songs evolve in real time.

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Hi all. I’ve gotten a number of requests for specific episodes. Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been able to post all episodes (except the first one) so far. You can just go directly to the playlist I set up:


Thanks for putting these up on YouTube.

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Thursday April 2 Episode 14


# Hanky Panky (Tommy James & The Shondelles song on the Tweedy’s jukebox)

Dawned On Me (w Spencer on knee slaps)

I Love You (Billie Eilish cover)

— Jeff strums some Billy Idol

— Jeff strums some (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (The Clash)

— Jeff sings a bit of Low Rider (War) while Basil is in front of his face

— what is Jeff’s favorite Dylan record? {edit: John Wesley Harding}

— Jeff tells story about guy rushing the stage

— M & Ms story {edit: story about Jeff & Susie in a convenience store}

— Patti Smith story

— “furgina”

— Michael Stipe impression

— favorite tv show theme {edit: Green Acres & Beverly Hillbillies are mentioned. I forget which one was his favorite. He even sang a bit of both themes, I think}

— Jeff talks about soundcheck

I’m Not Willing (Moby Grape cover sung by Sammy)

Henry & The H Bombs (Mott The Hoople cover)

— PBS 70s show Zoom “ubbi dubbi” language

— Jeff strums some of All The Young Dudes (Mott The Hoople - Spencer & Sammy help out on chorus. Song is aborted quickly.)

— Sammy attempts to do All The Lazy Do (Dr. Dog)

Someday Soon


That Billie Eilish cover was amazing! You’d never know that it was one of her songs. Very chatty episode.


Edit: I just read that last night’s episode wasn’t saved, so I’m going to update some of my notes before I forget.

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