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  1. I'm one of the old-schoolers who thought they went into their decline the moment they left I.R.S. The first time I heard Green I was devastated, because there was just so much crap on that record, and I realized that my fears about the band's direction as mapped out on Document were coming true. I found much of Out of Time to be annoying, and Automatic For the People was good but was still cast from this "new" R.E.M. mold that I'd never come to terms with -- the frenetic energy that initially made them who they were had long since dissipated, and I just didn't think the songs they were writi
  2. Finally embarked on this voyage yesterday:
  3. I'm a big Michigan fan but there's no way they should be ranked as highly as they are (#12 AP, #11 USA Today). Their 5-0 record earns them a place somewhere in the top 25, but I'm not sure they could beat any of the other teams in either poll.
  4. Yeah, that was a fantastic bonus -- I'd been a fan for years and figured I'd never get a chance to actually see him play live. Really glad Neil brought him out on tour. RIP, Bert.
  5. You do not want to mess with me on the subject of the English language.
  6. If you entitle a message board thread "If you tell someone to sit down at a Wilco concert, you pretty much suck at life," you pretty much suck at life.
  7. Oh, it's a photograph. A photograph of a painting.
  8. For me, the chief difference between Wilco and Radiohead is that I enjoy listening to Wilco.
  9. Not buying this explanation. Put "Whole Love" at the end of that same side and it's the same sequence as the CD, no change to the length of side 3.
  10. Adding a bonus track ... I get that. But I don't get why "Whole Love" was moved. It has nothing to do with fitting on four sides -- side 3 would be the same length even if the sequence were the same as the CD.
  11. They've never been the best lyricists, though Olson has come up with some gems. The post-Olson period was pretty atrocious, lyrically. I can barely listen to Sound of Lies because of its lyrics (I listen anyway, because that record sounds great ... if you can ignore the words).
  12. link TUESDAY, SEP 27, 2011 10:01 ET How Wilco's Jeff Tweedy became a great American songwriter In an exclusive interview, Jeff Tweedy credits "embracing ambiguity" for Wilco's wild, experimental journey BY DAVID DALEY When Wilco emerged from the ashes of Uncle Tupelo some 17 years ago with the sturdy, catchy roots-rock of "A.M." and "Being There," it would have taken a special imagination to see that Jeff Tweedy would become one of the most daring songwriters of his generation -- and that Wilco would become a vital, adventurous band breaking new stylistic ground with each ambitious a
  13. It's that one with virtually no melody.
  14. Kitna's probably still a better quarterback than Romo, even at 39.
  15. Powder keg? Hmm. I guess there was a bit of action at the beginning, but the episode as a whole was more expository than anything -- which was fine with me, because I needed to re-orient myself with regard to the various plot lines. A good episode. Hope we get more of Chalky going forward, and more of the Chicago story too. The introduction of competition from Cincinnati was an interesting twist. I'm just happy that it's back. The first season seemed like ages ago.
  16. I think Costello's voice is perfect for this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzfYo-2R5SM
  17. This is simply illogical. I'm a huge Rolling Stones fan and I hate a number of their albums, which is to say that I have no interest in listening to them ever again. I could say the same for R.E.M., Bob Dylan, and several others. It is possible to be a big fan of an artist and have absolutely no use whatsoever for some of that artist's work. Happens all the time, actually. Everybody's gotta piss sometime.
  18. It took me quite a long time to warm up to SBS and accept it as a worthy member of the Wilco canon. I still can't stand two songs on it ("What Light" in particular) and I still feel like it's a "neutered" version of Wilco (i.e., no balls, anywhere really, on that record), but there are some good songs and some good playing. I never lost my initial disappointment over how sedate, almost half-hearted, the record sounds. You've got motherfucking Glenn Kotche in the band, LET HIM BANG ON SOME SHIT. And not just in a song or two. I like rockin' Wilco better than mellow Wilco; always have and alwa
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