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New Album Title Game

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I'm going to approach this mathematically(studio albums only):


1. First came "AM" then: BT, ST, YHF, AGIB, SBS. -- In terms of number of initials this is 2,2,2,3,4,3. If there is a pattern here it must be that Wilco will produce 3 more records with two initials each. It makes for a nice bell curve.


2. First initials in order A, B, S, Y, A, S. -- It's clear that it should be either B or Y. B would be out of the pattern of alphabetical order. I'm going with Y.


3. Second initials in order: M, T, H, G, B. --Shit. First two in alphabetical order. Next three in reverse alphabetical order. Let's continue that trend and go with A.


So the initials which this board will refer to the new record will be "YA"


In order to get closer to concrete words I would also have to do a grammar analysis....


1. First initials: initial, participle (from a verb) , adjective (derived from a pun on a quantifier and a verb), noun, adjective. Not represented yet are adverbs, exclamations, conjunctions, pronouns, and prepositions. I'm going with adverb.


2. Second initials: initial, pronoun, noun, noun, noun, adjective. Keeping in mind that the first initial will be an adverb, and adverbs can only modify verbs or adjectives, and given the previous series of three nouns, I'm willing to bet that Wilco is going to follow with another adjective this time.


Now to find some adverb-adjective combinations that match YA:


...aw screw it, my head is starting to hurt, I'll throw in my hat with the eponymous folk.

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Guest Jules
It's going to be "Bull Black Nova"



Isn't that a song that was recorded for the Oxfam charity record? I don't think they would use that for the Wilco album title.

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(Weirdly Inspired Lovingly Crafted Opus)



or maybe:



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