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Jay Bennett R.I.P

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I get goose bumps every time I see that scene......great song .....should've been on YHF if at all at least "hidden'' on the end.     -Robert

This isn't in anyway a confirmation but as of 6:58 eastern his wikipedia page has news of his death: Jay Bennett.   --Mike

Does anyone know Basil II (Robert) well? He's a huge fan of JB, is there a fast way to contact him?   --Mike

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I think, if Jay was off of that label, them posting that picture is even stranger, unless this is all true.

The site for his most recent album lists Jefferson Macklin as his manager. Macklin appears to work or have worked for Undertow. I would think he or the entertainment lawyer listed on the lawsuit filing would be the official sources.

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Here's the story:

RIP, Jay Bennett.

May 24th, 2009 by Nate


Sorry to interrupt our Sasquatch Festival coverage for some sad news, but it appears Jay Bennett (Wilco, Titanic Love Affair) has passed away from complications following surgery. He was 46. The blog The Music’s Over has a post up here.


Seems like everyone is just linking to each other right now. I think "complications from surgery" is a new claim though, right?

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I'm still holding out hope that it's not true, but that management company page scares me. :hmm



regardless if he was still working with them or not, someone there would have gotten word long before any of us.

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Still don't see anything legit. Can't leave the computer until I know one way or another.




Undertow's posted his photo on their main page, also with no text.

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I hate to say it but this seems to be true. How sad, if so.


Yeah, I just went out to dinner with my family and I was really hoping to come back to this thread and find it was all a hoax, but it doesn't look good at all.



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