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Wilco (officially released live shows)

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Hey linclink, I notice you're also keeping the Wilco topic alive on the Hoffman Forum.




This is weird.  I didn't do too much research on this, but just looking at the credits for WTA, I didn't notice anything that would differentiate that release from others.  But there has to be something legal going on with the royalties.

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Hey linclink, I notice you're also keeping the Wilco topic alive on the Hoffman Forum.




This is weird.  I didn't do too much research on this, but just looking at the credits for WTA, I didn't notice anything that would differentiate that release from others.  But there has to be something legal going on with the royalties.


It's probably just something where the old record company owns exclusive rights for a live release of songs for X amount of time, where X has expired on SBS and prior but not WTA yet.

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Roadcase #31 & #32 were just released. They are both nights of Jeff Tweedy solo acoustic shows at The Vic Theater in Chicago. These are amazing, all-request benefit shows he does each year for his kid's school. Get 'em while they're hot!!

Roadcase 031 / February 14, 2014 / Chicago, IL (WILR31)
Recorded live at The Vic Theatre on February 14, 2014. Proceeds benefit academic scholarships.
I'm Always In Love
How To Fight Loneliness
Should've Been in Love
In A Future Age
Muzzle Of Bees
Be Not So Fearful [bill Fay]
Pick Up The Change
Wait Up
Sky Blue Sky
Hesitating Beauty
If That's Alright
The Community Song [Montessori school song]
Radio King
Black Eye
Airline To Heaven
The Ruling Class
Hey Hey What Can I Do [Led Zeppelin]
Heavy Metal Drummer
Jesus, etc.
California Stars

Casino Queen
Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season)
We've Been Had

Roadcase 032 / February 15, 2014 / Chicago, IL (WILR32)
Recorded live at The Vic Theatre on February 15, 2014. Proceeds benefit academic scholarships.
New Madrid
Born Alone
Bob Dylan's 49th Beard
At Least That's What You Said
Radio Cure
At My Window Sad And Lonely
One True Vine
Nothing Up My Sleeve (aka Anniversary)
Wishful Thinking
Shouldn't Be Ashamed
I'm Only Sleeping [The Beatles]
Pink Moon [Nick Drake]
I Can't Keep From Talking
Someday Soon
Summer Teeth
Smile [Charlie Chaplin, John Turner, Geoffrey Parsons]
The Community Song [Montessori school song]
God [John Lennon]
Pecan Pie
Kicking Television

You Are Not Alone
Dreamer In My Dreams

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They have added the Detroit and DC shows as a preorder. 

Interesting indeed... you'd think that there would be a few shows to choose from & that they'd take the best performances/ set lists etc. to choose which get released as Roadcase shows. ... but maybe it's because the other upcoming dates are Fests and/or outdoors & they thought there would be better sound at these gigs? Maybe those are more issues for solo acoustic gigs as there are plenty of outdoor venue Wilco Roadcase shows...

I'm betting he does more east coast indoor gigs this Spring/Summer anyhow, so maybe we'll get even more shows!!

I REALLY hope that they work things out with whatever is going on with them editing out every song from "Wilco (The Album)" from the solo acoustic Roadcase shows before these next ones come out!!!!

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With the recent big announcements (all well chronicled below & in various threads here) of solo album & new band on tour with Jeff, it's worth noting that the forthcoming Roadcase Shows #33 & #34 are up for pre-order.
Both of these will be from from this Jeff Tweedy solo/TWEEDY electric band tour & are available now for pre-order, with #33 being from the tour opener June 5th in Detroit & #34 from the June 10th Washington D.C. show.
Since it appears to be a bit shorter tour (though who knows if it'll get extended once the album is out) this is a great way for folks to hear both the new band, & the new material live.

And for anyone who might have missed it somehow, here's a rainbow assortment of coverage of the same basic info, which goes like this-
"Sunday breaking news: We’ve just added more Jeff Tweedy dates to the June tour including gigs in Milwaukee, Austin, Dallas and Nashville (Ryman). Plus, Jeff will be bringing out a newly formed band comprised of his son Spencer Tweedy on drums, Jim Elkington on guitar, Darin Gray on bass and Liam Cunningham on keyboards. The shows will be loosely staged in at least two parts: the band performing songs from a soon-to-be-released Jeff Tweedy solo album (more details on that soon) and Tweedy performing songs from his Wilco/Uncle Tupelo catalog solo acoustic.".
Each of the majors seemed to cover this with a unique picture of Jeff Tweedy modeling some beautiful piece of guitar porn... collect 'em all & trade 'em with your friends!!
Rolling Stone is the lead link here & it chose the most featured guitar, a Fireglo Rickenbacker 360 (from the mid-60's no less)...http://www.rollingstone.com/music/n...-out-on-his-own-with-solo-album-tour-20140518
Spin also goes for the Fireglo Rickenbacker 360... http://www.spin.com/articles/wilco-jeff-tweedy-solo-album-tour-announce/
Stereogum features a sunburst Fender Jazzmaster... http://www.stereogum.com/1682214/jeff-tweedy-announces-debut-solo-album-north-american-tour/news/
Consequence Of Sound goes with his classic blonde "Bob" Gibson J-200 (he has another one- "Buck")... http://consequenceofsound.net/2014/05/jeff-tweedy-announces-debut-solo-album-new-tour-dates/
Pitchfork went with his blue mist Signature Jeff Tweedy model Gibson SG... http://pitchfork.com/news/55244-wilcos-jeff-tweedy-announces-tour-new-solo-album-coming/
Billboard also features the Fireglo Rickenbacker 360 ... http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6092053/wilcos-jeff-tweedy-announces-tour-debut-solo-album

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It's got to be soon for those two Tweedy Roadcase releases to be released...they were pushed back to October, & well, it's October now.

I'm also hoping that there will be some other Tweedy Roadcase release that features all of the stuff not on the earlier two from this Spring...meaning- "Hazel", "Please Don't Let Me Be So Misunderstood", "Pigeons" & "Why Why Why"...and maybe we'll be able to add more to the list of originals before this leg of the tour ends...
...and also "Love Like A Wire" (the Diane Izzo cover which is now a set list staple & which I absolutely adore), his great take on "Only The Lord Knows" (a song he wrote for Mavis), & the band's great cover of "Give Back The Key To My Heart" too! Not to mention whatever solo acoustic gems might pop up that haven't been on other Roadcase releases...

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They're in, the first Tweedy Roadcase shows.. & ready for download...and,. for the record, an amazing version of "Deeper Down" from "Wilco (The Album)" is on there (my request for that show actually too)...so one hopes that this might be a sign that the whole episode with those songs being stricken from the record, so to speak, & edited out of Roadcase shows, has, at long last, come to a close...one can hope...anyhow..

Checking out Washington D.C. now & it is/was an incredible show...to quote bböp's review at the time of the show- "Wow, all I can say is that was almost certainly the best TWEEDY show yet. Pretty special. And though there have only been five performances thus far, this one might be looked back on as a show where things really started to jell for this band.

This was one of those shows that a simple glance at the setlist alone doesn't do it justice, though it was a nice surprise to hear one of the only (the only?) solo performances of Deeper Down. In general, the songs Jeff chose to play in his solo set tonight worked beautifully and had a lot of gravitas and impact. Via Chicago, with harmonica, was particularly devastating. To these ears, Jeff was really on with his guitar playing in general.

Jeff deviated from the printed setlist quite a bit, omitting Remember The Mountain Bed and leaving off Heavy Metal Drummer, Passenger Side, Laminated Cat and A Shot in the Arm. Then again, perhaps he knew at some point where he wanted the show to go.

He might have decided to replace some of those songs with the second encore, which wasn't on the printed setlist and didn't seem planned at the time (i.e. the crew seemed to be scrambling a bit). So perhaps we got lucky...well, either way, I know we did."

Anyhow...found this in my email box earlier today...
"Hi John,

We are pleased to announce the Tweedy Roadcase(s) you preordered (033 Detroit, MI and/or 034 Washington, D.C.) is now available to download! Please log into http://wilco.kungfustore.com and click on “My Downloadable Products” in the left menu. You should see a download arrow icon next to the file name. Click the arrow to begin the download.

Please contact info@kungfunation.com if you have any issues or if you need your password reset.


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Roadcase #35 is up. Tweedy from Buffalo 10/1/14.

Right On!!!! Live version of "Pigeons", "Please Don't Let Me Be So Understood", "Why Why Why", "Only The Lord Knows", "Love Like A Wire" & "Give Back The Key To My Heart"!!!

Truly a great show...I saw 4 on this tour (Baltimore, Washington D.C., Ithaca & Buffalo) & half of them (D.C. & Buffalo) make up 2/3 of the Tweedy Roadcase releases, so far, from the tour. Very lucky indeed. Wonder if there will be any more from this leg or not... just glad to have those new live songs officially released...

Recorded live at The Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY on October 1, 2014:

01 - Nobody Dies Anymore

02 - Flowering

03 - Summer Noon

04 - World Away

05 - New Moon

06 - Pigeons

07 - Desert Bell

08 - Why Why Why

09 - High As Hello

10 - Fake Fur Coat

11 - Diamond Light Pt. 1

12 - Hazel

13 - Love Like a Wire (Diane Izzo cover)

14 - Low Key

15 - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

16 - One Wing

17 - Reservations

18 - New Madrid

19 - Please Tell My Brother

20 - Hummingbird

21 - The Ruling Class

22 - Passenger Side

23 - Jesus, Etc.

24 - Misunderstood

25 - I'm the Man Who Loves You

26 - A Shot in the Arm



27 - Please Don't Let Me Be So Understood

28 - Only The Lord Knows

29 - Give Back The Key To My Heart

30 - California Stars

31 - Acuff-Rose

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I saw road case mics up in Knoxville. Hope they got the Ryman shows. I didn't pay attention to look if they had mics up there.

I'm sure there will 20th Anniversary Show Roadcase Releases... my bet, & hope, is for the full 6 nights of Winterlude...but...I'd love the 3 Port Chester shows (since those are the ones I'm going to)... wonder how many different songs will be getting done for these shows? Nice to see them reaching for some deep oddities (thank you "Alpha Mike Foxtrot" Box Set!) & doing back to back shows with no repeats at all...truly hoping for a threepeat of no repeats with all 3 nights of the Port Chester shows!!

Also wondering if we'll get any more Tweedy Roadcase releases before the tour ends...he still hasn't done live versions of "I'll Sing It" or "I'll Never Know" yet...not to mention "Everybody Hides" & "Do The Minimum"...you never know...love to see any, or all of those find their way onto the set lists & into Roadcase releases...

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