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We are a smaller independent district in an urban neighborhood.   Approx 800 students K-12, essentially one connected  building taking up about a city block,  no bus service...very, very close knit community. Working class community where if there are two parents they are both working most likely. We pushed our start date out to August 26 and the superintendent rightfully so imo felt it important to establish a baseline plan early and get it to the families and then modify it accordingly in mid-August if necessary. Desks are 6' apart, lunch is to be served and eaten in the class rooms, masks are required, water fountains turned off etc.  That plan is to have Mon-Thur 1/2 day on campus 1/2 day virtual. Friday is 100% virtual for all students. This gives us 72 hours each week for sanitization and the buildings sit empty Fri-Sun. It also brings each student into the school four days a week which is the safest and most structured environment for many of our students. Families are given the option of mornings or afternoons and students from the same family are all automatically put into the same time slot to ease logistics on the parents. Each student will be given a meal at school and one to take home. We are trying to work out some auxiliary spaces for primary students who would be going home to an empty house. It is a horrible situation. Teachers and students need to be safe...parents need to work...employers need their employees on site. There is no silver bullet and unfortunately we live in the era of constant social media scrutiny so no decision will appease everyone.  Another interesting angle is the students that are cancelling or going virtual are losing student and students equal money for schools. Many of the parochial schools feel obligated to open because their parents are paying thousand of dollars for that education and paying that money to do the teaching yourself at your house isn't going over well. 


I really feel like my district is dropping the ball. I read these detailed, reasonable plans and feel like our district is basically saying, "You're creative. Figure it out." Their hands are somewhat tied by the governor, but I look around other districts in central Iowa and wonder what's going on in mine.

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Today is the 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall. The hurricane and the aftermath were very surreal experiences. I lived in New Orleans, and my parents lived on the Mississippi Coast. I didn't even know where they were until the Thursday after the hurricane passed. And I didn't know if I had a home to return to in NOLA for about two months. 


Today is also Charlie Parker's 100th birthday.



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Today I was supposed to see Wilco (w/ Trampled by Turtles) at an outdoor ampitheater here in Des Moines. Salving the wound by listening to the Ashes of American Flags DVD. Just heard Wishful Thinking. A perfect song for these times.


Yep, I'm doing a lot of wishful thinking right now. I hope a wish or two are answered in November.

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10 hours ago, uncool2pillow said:

Today, I had to reset my password to access this place. Anyone else?

8 hours ago, Analogman said:

I had to enter it a few times. And then it worked. 

Possibly a browser cache issue, at least with regards to @Analogman's problem. Not sure if it explains @uncool2pillow 's problem, but it's the only thing I can think of at present. We applied a major software update to the board last night, so some browsers/devices are probably getting confused because of leftover cached data from the old board. For anyone else who runs into this issue, try clearing your cache/browser data first (on Chrome, this would be: 3-dot menu -> History -> History -> Clear Browsing Data).

Any other issues (or suggestions, or complaints), please send us a PM, post on the "Speakers Speaking..." forum, or just use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page (if you can't log in at all). 

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