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Various Wilco Demos, Downloads, Etc.

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anyone know when the YHF demos and YHF engineer demos were actually recorded? I assume Glenn had not taken part in either set of these recordings? Many thanks...


I don't know the date when the demos were recorded, but do have some info that might be helpful. I think Glenn unofficially joined Wilco in Dec. of 2000 and officially shortly after. I assume he was there for the demos because of the song, "Not For The Season". In Dec. 2000 when Glenn played with Jeff (I believe for the first time), they came up with what we now know as "Laminated Cat" (Not For The Season) with the Loose Fur sounding percussion, not the stuff on the demos. However, even though the percussion sounds different on the demos, I think when Jeff and Glenn played it in Chicago (Dec '00), it was the first time he/they played that song. Hope that makes sense.

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Hey, so my ipod crashed recently and some of the non album wilco tracks that I had on there were lost. Any chance someone could post the following songs:


How To Fight Loneliness (Kicking Television Bonus Track)

Monday (Kicking Television Bonus Track)

Jesus, Etc. (Live - Tsunami Relief CD)


Also on another thread I saw these non album tracks mentioned that I would be interested in:


James Alley Blues (The Harry Smith Project Revisited)

I'm The Man Who Loves You (Live from Studio M Vol. 2)

Spiders (Kidsmoke) (Live - Free MP3 from Wilcoworld)

Theologians (Live - Think Indie EP)


Any help in at least getting the tracks I lost back would be great. Thanks.

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while i was downloading "someoneelse'ssong" i was really excited about the list of awesome covers. when i listened i was kinda disappointed. there are a handfull of real covers, the rest are just 30 second long drunken chord progressions.


but i cannot thank you enough for showing me the owl and the bear, u are a hero to a wilco fan

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