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the new record is amazing. Love every track. Jim has stepped it up. Hope they swing back East in the Spring.

new record coming. I unfortunately missed this tour, but have watched lots of live vids. This band is just relentless. I've always loved Jim's writing & singing, the whole band is now right up the

My wife and I saw them in Santa Barbara and they were just ON FIRE. We have seen them lots of times including NYE in Denver, Red Rocks, Jazzfest in NOLA and multiple times around LA - this show was am

I saw Allison yesterday but she did not see me. :shifty She was talking to Andrew pre-show and I was boxed in to the center of my row.



oh man!!! you should have just come & stood in my seat since i wasn't in it for most of the show.

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I just finally squared away a place to stay in Brooklyn late last night. I'm headed up today and will be rocking the GA line and pit tomorrow. The weather forecast is 43, which isn't that bad in comparison to Chicago for the Residency. I've been building this show up in my head to epic proportions, now I'm just ready for it to begin. See you'll there, Greg

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You guys (and gals!) are in for a treat, I'm sure! Look out for a blond pigtail-haired ruffle-shirted front-row crazy woman, though. :pirate :dancing :stunned :thumbup


I did the NYE in NYC / MSG for Wilco a few years ago, and temps in the 40's will be nice. Last year I did Chicago/Jon Brion for NYE in the slush and this year I'm staying home.


I consider my 2-nights at the Chicago theater last weekend a good enough way for me to transition into the new year. Both shows were fabulous! *melty*


HAVE FUN!!! I'll be anxiously awaiting the reviews!

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i will be at nye!!


since the sunday show in chicago (HOLY HELL!! :-O ) i've not had a minute to post.


sunday night, was in bed for 3 hours, got 0 hours sleep. :stunned


got to new york last night, ordered in, sat on couch.


now making plans for tomorrow!


re: sunday's show: the first thing allison said to me when we met up after the show was, "you lost your shit, didn't you?" :lol nothing like being an open book.

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show looked like a blast!


not quite as epic as most of their Bonnaroo shows, but still pretty awesome.


i need to hear/see that Islands In The Stream cover w/ Nicole Atkins, she's brilliant. the Marvin Gaye one is on YouTube and is great

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