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The latest Ryan Adams thread V2.0

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Ryan Adams announces tour, with a stop in my neck of the woods. After watching him be a petulant dink (dink is a Maine word for jerk) the last two times I saw him live, I figured I'd never see him in concert again. Then a good friend calls and says he has a ticket for me. Looks like I'll see if DRA will be a dink 3 times in a row.

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New album up at Amazon (pre-order):



Ryan Adams

1. Gimme Something Good

2. Kim

3. Trouble

4. Am I Safe

5. My Wrecking Ball

6. Stay With Me

7. Shadows

8. Feels Like Fire

9. I Just Might

10. Tired Of Giving Up

11. Let Go


Ryan Adams' new album is a self-titled affair and the first to be released on the combined Pax Am/Blue Note imprint. Produced by Adams himself at his own Pax Am Studios in Los Angeles, the new record is the NC-born singer/songwriter s first full length since 2011's acclaimed Ashes & Fire. The first single 'Gimme Something Good' has already elicited wide praise with Stereogum exclaiming 'he doesn't seem to have lost a songwriting step. This thing is a total knockout.' The vinyl is available as a single LP 180 gram edition and comes with a download card with for a free 320 kbps mp3 ripped directly from the vinyl.

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received my gimmie something good 7 inch today!!!  The A side as you all have heard is a strong song, not amazing but very strong.

The B side after a few listens is musically good but a little forced lyrically which is something that I personally have only started hearing from Mr. Adams on his last two releases.  He always seems so natural in everything he does.   Anyway, musically these two songs are more rocking than Ashes and Fire but not in a Rock n Roll or III/IV way, more like a late 70s early 80's classic rock way.  Tom Petty etc.  Overall cool release and nice to have him back after a few year. 

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I have an 8th row center pit ticket for the Ryan Adams/Jenny Lewis/Dawes show at Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden on July 26 that I'm selling if anyone is interested. I think it was either $55 or $58.


My boyfriend and all my friends who would normally go along are going to see Phish that weekend, and Camden is kind of a hassle to get to from Harrisburg, so I think I'm going to tag along to Merriweather for Phish instead. I have a hunch he'll tour in the fall, so hopefully I'll be able to catch him before the year is over.

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I don't understand why the single's streams are being taken down.

I don't see any official YouTube videos.

Oddly enough, I did see 2 videos for the b-side.


I think Ryan Adams Archive bit the dust. There was also a really detailed gigography site, and I think it's gone, too.

Did the site like that for Wilco also disappear?

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a new 7" from RA. it didnt take very long to sell out. 


 The next installment in the Pax-Am 7” series is here.
 “1984” is a concise, intense and completely self-contained musical statement, recorded and released completely separate from the upcoming album.  
This 10-song 7-inch pays homage to the halcyon days of the earliest releases from Dischord, SST, Touch & Go and their ilk.
Side 1
1. When the Summer Ends
2. What If You Were Wrong
3. Over and Over
4. Change Your Mind
5. Broken Eyes
Side 2
1. Why Did They Leave You Alone
2. Rats in the Wall
3. Bones and Ash
4. Wolves
5. Push It Away


Also, new tour dates!

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From Relix.com:



Ryan Adams treated fans to five new songs last night when he took the stage for the first time since last year’s Teenage Cancer Trust benefit at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Adams made his triumphant return at Portland, ME’s State Theater with a new band that included drummer Freddie Bokkenheuser, bassist Charlie Stavish, guitarist Mike Viola and keyboardist Daniel Clarke.

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The bass player is an engineer/producer. He's worked with Ryan Adams for 8-9 years. Ryan said on stage that they could not find a bass player for the tour. He happened to ask Charlie if he played any instruments, and the guy said he played bass. They had him play on a few songs in the studio, and viola - the guy is the bass player for the tour. They said it was the first time he had ever played in front of an audience. The guy played fine. The other 3 guys were really good, particularly the keyboardist. DRA played many of the solos, which I liked.


I realize this is heresy to some, but I preferred the band last night to the Cardinals. Last night had a raucous edge to it; the Cardinals' polished sound didn't do it for me live a few years back.

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I just read that Tal Wilkenfeld played bass on the album. I wonder how he ever met her. 

She has been hot (both playing and looking)  for the past few years....I see her on  show they keep running....Jeff Beck at Scotties?...

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