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JT Solo Shows Announced

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A couple of us on the board got tickets during the presale yesterday. Did you get tickets? It does seem bizarre that it's not listed anymore. (It still appears in the list under the "shows" tab, but no longer on the opening page). Not sure what that means.

I was on an airplane with no WIFI so missed the presale... landed and noticed the date wasn't on the splash page anymore.  I tried the venue's ticket link this morning but so far is saying not yet onsale (despite a previously reported 10a onsale time).  I suppose I should/will call the venue and see if they know anything. 

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Well here's the report from the "After The Show" section here, & at the very least I can say that there is no way anyone will have to be worried about them editing out the new material from the Roadcase release...14 new songs & 11 oldies...thanks, as always, to our ace reporter from the front lines, the one & only bböp ...

"Well, Night One of Tweedy is in the books....will write more in a bit, but for now, here was the complete setlist as played (new song titles taken from printed setlist):


Down From Above*


Summer Noon*

World Away*

New Moon*

Where My Love*

Slow Love*

Nobody Dies*


Desert Bell*

High As Hello*

Wait For Love*

Low Key*

Spiders (Kidsmoke)^

Passenger Side^

You Are Not Alone^

The Ruling Class^

New Madrid^

Kicking Television^

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart^

Jesus, etc.^



Diamond Light*


I'm The Man Who Loves You^

Acuff-Rose^ (performed at edge of stage w/o PA system)


* — with full "Tweedy" band (Spencer Tweedy on drums, Darin Gray on bass, Jim Elkington on electric guitar and Liam Cunningham on electric guitar, keyboard and backing vocals)

# — with Elkington and Cunningham only

^ — Jeff solo acoustic

LOVED the show last night - the new stuff sounds awesome (I think someone referenced AGIB, and I have to agree)...Thx so much for posting the setlist! 

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First off all glory to bbop for the setlist!! Next up- I think it's as beautiful as it is brave that they are doing so much new material!!! A total thrill & I'm sure the sales of those two pre-order Roadcase shows from both Detroit & Washington D.C. will be pretty high now, as folks realize they will be getting some version of the majority of the album in live form a few months (early July) before the finished studio versions hit the street on September 16th. Here's hoping that the set lists, involving both the old & the new material, get varied & changed up a reasonable amount between those two shows/Roadcase downloads. So far we've know there's 14 new songs coming from the Detroit show, wonder how many of the remaining, as yet unplayed tracks, might show up in D.C.?

I remember someone at The Loft mentioning on facebook recently that there had been a bit of a Stratocaster renaissance there , so it'll be cool to see & hear Jeff with a Strat...but...I too was really, really hoping to hear him playing, at least some lead guitar on this tour. Since, as far as I can tell, he's the only guitarist playing on the album, I was really hoping for even more than usual lead guitar work from him.

I think he takes a nice amount of leads in Wilco & all, I just figured this would be more, as opposed to none/next to none. Maybe that will change over time/the course of the touring. I just really adore his lead playing, big time!! I am absolutely crazy for the guitar work on "A Ghost Is Born" & for me, his stuff live stands up there with any of the other great guitarists in Wilco. I'm hoping that as the tour goes on maybe he'll decide to step out with some lead work, or more electric work...be cool to hear him on a Strat as well. If not, then that's OK too...

I am also hedging my bets for more Autumn tour dates & therefore not going to Pittsburgh today. It's free, but 600 miles round trip runs plenty of money just in gas alone, & it looks like a strict 90 minute affair (by my math that cuts a 25 song/2 hour set by about 6 or 7 songs with that 30 minutes). I'm going to get to see a 75 minute show on the Saturday simulcast to quell my incredible excitement & then I'll see him on Monday & Tuesday for the full shows in Baltimore & D.C.. And with back to back shows that close, I'll bet we get some real nice variation in the set lists too.

If I'm going to go to anything else on this first leg, of what I hope will be, at least, a two-legged affair tour wise, I decided to save my money & consider Toronto. It's July 6th, a month later than these gigs, & around the same time those Roadcase shows are coming out. It looks like, hopefully, at least, a 90 minute set... AND I'm a huge Mekons fan & not only is Jon Langford playing on Sunday (Waco Brothers backing him with the Burlington Welsh Men's Chorus), but now Sally Timms is showing up & there is a public after show party at The Horseshoe in Toronto after the Fest (Neutral Milk Hotel are playing too & I've never seen them.)

I'm really hoping for a either something close (Rochester/Buffalo/Syracuse), or a run of a few shows in NYC, or a couple gigs near each other involving Cleveland/Ohio, for the Autumn. I got to catch both of the shows at The Vic earlier this year, & I've got these two full length shows coming...anything else would just be icing on the cake...

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Went to pre-order the Detroit show thinking I'd be jamming out to some awesome new tunes by later this week, only to have my schemes foiled by this:


Please note, this is a preorder. This roadcase will not be available for download until approximately 4 weeks after the show takes place. Customers will be notified by email when the roadcase is available for download


Guess if I'm going to want to hear the new stuff with the new band in the immediate I'm going to have to try to check out one of the upcoming webcasts.  Hopefully there will be some tapers out and about too...


Today it says that the downloads won't be available until after Sept 20. I guess we're not getting these in advance of the record release after all.

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Today it says that the downloads won't be available until after Sept 20. I guess we're not getting these in advance of the record release after all.

Ouch! Oh well...that gives me twice as much to look forward to for when the album comes out...and...I was going to lay off the dozen new songs that are out there from the Mt. Jam show & wait to hear the Roadcase releases (especially that amazing D.C show- WOW! & all 15 originals he's done so far)...but I guess I can just enjoy about the album's worth (12 tracks) of the eventual double album (20 songs) throughout the Summer, without taking any breaks waiting for the Roadcase releases to drop...


Don't know what the other 4 are like, but "I'll Sing It" is clearly something they could do live...so, if they could get live versions of the 5 remaining songs that haven't been played, then I think it'd be cool if they released a deluxe edition with live versions of all the songs alongside the studio double album...

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There's a thread about it on here. No one seems to know whether it's a scam or for real. I still think it would be a good idea to post something about it on Twitter: @JeffTweedy

Couldn't find the thread...can you give a Link a link? Someone just wrote to me about this asking me if I knew about it.

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Look in the After The Show section.


I can tell you that I have been around here a long time - and I have seen threads about secret shows, but do not recall Jeff or the band playing secret shows. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. Even if Jeff did such a thing - I doubt he would want someone to pay a bunch of money for such a show.

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I was thinking about this too. The only secret show type scenarios I can think of (within the last 14 years) are the Rahm Emanuel benefit where he played 3 songs (all Beyonce covers) and then once makin a guest appearance with the Bottle Rockets for 1 or 2 songs. There was a show at the Hideout in the Leroy-Glenn-John-Jeff era, but I don't know that it was a secret.

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