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Did I hear them saying no show tonight? I thought they were moving to a M-F schedule and taking weekends off, if agreeable to the Clients? I'm not on FB so I don't know what the poll is over there.

They landed on Wed and Sat off (for now anyway).  So yeah, no show tonight.  Don't think they did a poll.

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Hi Friends - I have finally updated the Tweedy Show mp3 archive (over 2,000 song files). All files have been meticulously logged and tagged so they can be easily filtered, searched, and sorted - in iT

The Tweedy Show Monday December 26 Episode 217 —Sammy welcomes the clients to The Tweedy Show.  —Susie is upset that she sees her reflection in the tv.  —“Hi, everyone! We forgot how to

I appreciate the accolades, but seriously, all the real credit goes to @u2roolz. The two or three times I filled in for him really showed me how truly dedicated he’s been to this project. It’s fairly

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Great, thank you both.

(Selfishly I would have told them to take Fridays off - I have a conflict with the Soul Asylum Quarantine Sessions at the same time!)

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The Tweedy Show Thursday May 7 Episode 43


# animated intro shown on screen

-- Jeff & Spencer show off their socks that they received from one of "the clients"

-- the Tweedy's decide to end the stream to try & fix the video glitch


Take 2

-- the video glitch happens again, so they quickly end the stream again.


Take 3

-- video glitch, so the stream is ended.


Take 4

-- the Tweedy Show returns triumphantly

-- Susie says that The Tweedy Show t-shirts are available at TheTweedyShow.com & 100% of the proceeds go to Be Alright which helps support shelters and survivors of domestic violence.

-- Jeff & Susie say "happy birthday" to Diane and a quick story about Jeff telling the audience that he's going to miss them during one of the last shows in March

-- Jeff talks about how they came up with the idea for The Tweedy Show w nice mentions of Diane

Wishful Thinking (for Diane Kyrus' birthday)

You Don't Love Me Yet (Roky Erickson cover sung by Sammy)

On And On And On

-- Jeff talks about Murder Hornet videos that he's watched

-- Jeff tells a story about when he told people that raccoons are bears

-- Jeff plays a bit of We've Been Had, but stops to switch his guitar

We've Been Had (Uncle Tupelo cover w Spencer on drums)

-- Jeff mentions that he watched an aerobics dance video last night

Sick Server

-- Jeff strums a bit of T-Rex's Bang A Gong (Get It On) which he would like to do w Sammy

-- Jeff says that the rest of Wilco can play a lot of Rush, but he doesn't know any

-- Jeff strums another Kansas song

-- Jeff strums Black Moon and mentions that he was going to learn it

-- Jeff strums a bit of Jackson Browne’s These Days which he says Sammy will get to soon

Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover - brief)



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btw These Days is a Jackson Browne song. great versions also exist from Barbara Manning (where I first heard the song) and St Vincent.

Thank you! I fixed it for both episodes. I did hear Jeff tell Sammy that it was a Jackson Browne song too, but I forgot.


And it doesn’t help that Nico’s version of the song is forever linked in my mind to The Royal Tenenbaums.

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The Tweedy Show Friday May 8 Episode 44


# animated intro on screen

-- stream ends due to tech issues


Take 2


# animated intro on screen

-- Jeff plays some of Kraftwerk's The Model & tells a brief story about playing the Big Day Out Festival w them

-- Jeff shows his Edgar Allan Poe socks

Before Tonight (Souled American cover where Jeff takes a brief "intermission" before resuming the song)

Black Moon

-- Jeff talks about his 1930s Gibson guitar w birds painted on it

-- Jeff strums a bit of Nick Lowe's Cruel To Be Kind

-- Jeff starts Fake Fur Coat, but it's cut short so Spencer could get the lyrics

Fake Fur Coat

Watch Me Fall (Uncle Tupelo cover)

-- Susie explains the comment that made her cry: her brother told her that the Toast restaurant sign came down today

-- Susie shows her Louis Armstrong & Ringo Starr figurines

A Shot In The Arm (different key)

-- Jeff sings a very brief bit of Bee Gees' Nights On Broadway

Red-Eyed And Blue (w Spencer on drums)

I Got You (At The End Of The Century) (w Spencer on drums)

Don't Cry No Tears (Neil Young and Crazy Horse cover w Spencer on drums)

-- Jeff strums a bit of Neil Young's Harvest Moon, but says that he wants to wait for Sammy to sing it

-- Jeff talks about the canceled shows

Rising Red Lung

Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover)

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The Tweedy Show Saturday May 9 Episode 45


-- a technical glitch ends the stream early


Take 2

# animated intro on video screen interrupted by Herman Hermit's Peter Noone's "Happy Mother's Day" message to Susie on behalf of Sammy & Spencer

# Peter Noone's message is shown again

-- Susie asks Alexa how old Peter Noone is and Alexa pronounces his name "Peter No One"


You & I

-- Jeff says that he is creating songs every day

Harvest Moon (Neil Young cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on brushes)

-- Susie explains the "hygiene" bit again. She was asked in a prisoner's letters to send $35 for hygiene: soap & toothpaste. Susie also helped him find his mother.

California Stars (For Ellen - w Spencer & Sammy on backing vocals)

I Am The Cosmos (Chris Bell cover sung by Sammy w Spencer on backing vocals)

-- Susie mentions Monty's spreadsheet which you can find on Via Chicago & Shot In The Arm

-- Susie mentions The Tweedy Show t-shirts and where to get them at TheTweedyShow.com

-- Jeff talks about a group text that Pat Sansone sent to the rest of Wilco regarding Little Richard who passed away today. It's a video clip of Little Richard praising Jimi Hendrix. Jeff also tells a brief story about playing the same festival as Little Richard

Keep A Knockin' (Little Richard cover w Spencer on drums)

-- Jeff talks about the tweet that Bob Dylan made today about Little Richard

-- Jeff sings a bit of Hank Snow's A Fool Such As I

-- Jeff says that Elvis was a Shabbos Goy

-- Jeff strums a bit of Jackson Browne's These Days w Sammy singing a bit

I Wish I Was Your Mother (Mott The Hoople cover sung by Jeff & Sammy)

Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover w Sammy on backing vocals & Spencer on brushes)

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I wonder how they got in touch with Peter? (Note - I have not watched any of these shows.)


That Little Richard clip is from a film called A Film About Jimi Hendrix (1973).

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The only episode I've missed is the first episode (the bubble bath episode).  Anyone got a link to that episode they would be willing to share?

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Someone posted a clip of them listening to Save It For Me, while Jeff was in the tub over at the FB group. It was a clip uploaded directly from their phone. I have no idea who posted it and it’s almost impossible to find a 2 month old post without it being tedious.


I’d be willing to donate $$ to a charity to watch the 1st episode.

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The Tweedy Show Monday May 11 Episode 46


# animated intro on screen cut short due to tech glitch


Take 2

# animated intro on screen

Til Death Us Do Part (The Kinks cover)

-- Jeff plays a bit or Til Death Us Do Part

-- Jeff says that it's news to him that Wilco are going to be on this weekend's Hang Out Festival

-- Jeff talks about building a IKEA billy cabinet earlier today

I Must Be High

-- Susie tells Jeff about Monty's "Google doc"

Please Tell My Brother (Golden Smog cover)

-- Jeff, Susie & Spencer talk about Susie's late mother Judy aka "Bubbe"

Mi Shebeirach (Debbie Friedman cover sung by Sammy)

Pale Blue Eyes (Velvet Underground cover sung by Sammy w Jeff on ELECTRIC & Sammy on tambourine)

Teenage FBI (Guided By Voices Cover sung by Sammy w Jeff on electric & Spencer on drums)

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Neil Young & Crazy Horse cover sung by Sammy w Jeff on electric & Spencer on drums)

In The Street (Big Star cover sung by Sammy w Jeff on electric & Spencer on drums)

-- Jeff & Spencer try out a bit of Black Sabbath's War Pigs

Too Far Apart (Jeff on electric & Spencer on drums)

-- Spencer talks about the 1st time that they played Too Far Apart which was at Spencer's Summer Camp

-- Jeff talks about his Phys Ed teacher who was a veteran that he thought had flashbacks during class while playing dodgeball

"Cold Water Falling" (new song. Untitled. Jeff on electric & Spencer on drums)

-- Jeff strums a bit of The Cars' Just What I Needed on electric w drums

-- Jeff & Spencer jam out on James Gang's Funk #49 (thanks to tinnitus photography)

Reincarnation (Roger Miller cover. Jeff on electric & Spencer on tambourine)


I must be living in the "Upside Down" because I got the Debbie Friedman song, but not the jam near the end.

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