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The Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL 02/15/08

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Where we were standing - there was a low rumbling of talking all night, especially after the "intermission" when the left ramp to the floor filled up. I just don't understand why someone would pay for a ticket and make there way towards the front, if you have no intention of listening to the show. Behind me the whole show was a "couple" the woman has no interest in the music at all and preferred to talk to her boyfriend, make him run to the bar, and try to make out with him the whole time.


But the show was incredible and we were surrounded by many cool fans who were there to enjoy show. Hopefully my ears will be un-fuzzied by 8:30 tonight. It's a good thing that we have Sunday off, I think I'm going to need the night off to rest up for the rest of the week.

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How sad is it that I've created a playlist off the setlist using live and demo versions of the songs and will be listening to it all day while I clean the house? Although I have a feeling it won't ameliorate my depression...just make it worse! I'm so jealous. Keep the setlists coming...I need something to listen to tomorrow, too. HAVE FUN!!!!

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Amazing setlist... Very good show


During the show I felt like there was a bit too many slow/mellow tunes in a row during the first set, but after the show I realized they were just pacing themselves ;)


Like Kevin, plenty of SBS for me last night, but also a crapload of YHF too. They have a LOT of AM and Being There still to play :w00t


I have a feeling they will repeat a few songs over the 5 nights though, they played too many of their best songs to not...


Hoping tonight is a vastly different vibe and setlist tho!

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Well, as a Brit ( yeah, i know. get over it. But i can't) who is still seriously pissed off about last year's cancellations (still no sign of an apology or an explanation, but eh? Who gives a fuck, we're only English) i am seriously envious of anyone who attended that gig last night. What a setlist?

And to anyone who's going to the next 4 nights, you can take pleasure in knowing that some folk in this pokey little country are just a bit jealous.


Christ! How can i love a band so much but still hate 'em? Bastards!




Seriously! Enjoy 'em people. I wish i could.

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Nice setlist! All you guys with ringing ears - go buy some earplugs before it's too late! You're doing permanent damage here!


Bummer to hear about the drunk yellers. Yes, it's a rock show, but it tends to distract me from the music (which is why you pay the $$$, as friends can get together and talk for free anytime). Hopefully it will be a nonissue at the Cleveland show, as it's a no alcohol venue. It made a difference for the Ryan Adams show there a few months ago!

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I was thinking maybe they'll release all the shows in a box set, kind of like Pearl Jam did with their shows from the Gorge

That's a fantastic idea! :thumbup

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lets not get carried away. my favorite song. they can play it any night but sat. would break my heart not to hear it. hopefully there is a little room for dancing at the riv. my girlfriend will be crushed if she can't spin around and lose her mind to the music.

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wilco doesn't allow video recordings of their shows. I assume it got pulled because of that.

I don't even know if I should point this out, but it's fairly obvious there are plenty of clips people took on YouTube. Just type in Wilco, and a bunch will come up. Why would this one be pulled so quickly?

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I'd be interested to know if any V'cers ran into me...I was the obnoxious little kid in the blue flannel near the front.


If you were dancing with a girl toward Nels' side, I was to your right near the end of the show!


What a great show. After having to flee from a drunken ass who was woo-ing in my ear along with the guitar solos (just about ruined Ashes for me) and playing air guitar (who does that?!) I found a great spot to enjoy it. Sorry to abandon the super-polite two young guys who also were suffering!




- Amazing version of Can't Stand It, a song I admittedly don't really give a second thought.

- Nels playing guitar with a troll doll? during IATTBYR

- horns! I hope the horns make a return and they don't play Monday on Monday, that's the only night I can't make it.

- full-band Sunken Treasure. I've only heard Jeff play it solo; I really really liked this version

- loud, loud, loud encore. They were rocking it.

- Summerteeth songs where John and Pat get to sing -- I like when all three voices are there. Echo whoever said Pat was MVP.


I didn't realize until afterward how many Sky Blue Sky songs there were, plus, this show was long (a good thing). I'll bet they repeat a few of the regulars.


Can't wait for tonight!

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