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Sending her home because of allergies? Wow. I would have missed most of gradeschool if that was the policy back then.


Tell me about it -- granted, it's only preschool - she's 5. She should have stayed, though. 

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My son ended up in the hospital due to allergies once. The oxygen content in his blood was too low and he was struggling to breathe. Not fun. Now we have a nebulizer for the seasonal changes during which he is most at risk.

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Yeah same here - today, just a constant nagging cough/ watery eyes, nose, etc. Breathing seems okay - the kid is also asthmatic, which is always a concern to the school nurse/teacher and may be a reason why they booted her out, today. Which is understandable, I guess, in hindsight.

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Today I saw a Scarlet Tanager and a Northern Oriole. The only way this day could get better is if a Painted Bunting showed up.

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Today, I limped into a job interview that I thought went really well. Fingers crossed!

man, i am so blessed

after gettin whacked by a 91 year old in a buick on v-day

breakin my leg

an tearin my acl


bein outta worka

and such

i gotta job

i did

from that very



so on an

so forth.


the leg





Good luck, Tim.

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Thanks,my brother.

Without question, my friend. After an elongated, protruded, and spirited negotiation, I allowed them to bring me on board with the caveat that I would be in the Berkshires from TUE 6/20 to MON 6/26. There may have been some mewling,pleading, begging, and forward promises ( "i will NOT ask again for the next 23 1/2 months"), so, yeah.


Mags and I will be back for our third- staying in southern VT with agroovy little pad overlooking Williamsomething lake. Or river. Whatever..WILCO.




to see you, my friend.














i swear i wont aask again for almost two years"

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