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Icky Thump - New White Stripes album

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Elephant ranks high on my list of most overrated albums of the decade. GBMS was better, but I will ignore this one.


From De Stijl through Elephant, they were fucking brilliant. With each album they got better and better. I bought each at or shortly after their initial release and was blown away each time. GBMS was a huge let down. Ot may be one of those situations where you might have just had to have been there, and maybe you were and just didn't feel the same way. I remember the first time I heard Elephant and being totally floored by the first three tracks. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, beats that feeling.

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I never reall liked WS, and everyone told me I needed to see them live. Fair enough, i tried...i missed a show, but I caught a live performance from a DVD. It was worse. :hmm


Black Keys, anybody? I know the comparision is tired, but still...


Did you try watching Under Blackpool Lights? cos that DVD is terrible - and I love the White Stripes. When I saw them live in Cleveland at the Allen Theater, they knocked my fucking socks off.

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