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Led Zeppelin reunion??

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Yet another new SBD appears:



Led Zeppelin

May 22nd, 1977

Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas, USA


Texas Hurricane Fort Worth 1977, 3cd by Empress Valley (#EVSD 737/738/739)


source: soundboard recording


lineage: silvers > EAC > FLAC (level 8 )


Disc 1:

01.The Song Remains The Same

02.Sick Again

03.Nobody's Fault But Mine

04.In My Time Of Dying

05.Since I've Been Loving You

06.No Quarter


Disc 2:

01.Ten Years Gone

02.The Battle of Evermore

03.Going To California

04.Black Country Woman

05.Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

06.White Summer / Black Mountain Side



Disc 3:

01.Out On The Tiles / Moby Dick

02.Guitar Solo

03.Achilles Last Stand

04.Stairway To Heaven

05.Whole Lotta Love

06.Rock And Roll

07.It'll Be Me (with Mick Ralphs)

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i just saw this hahahaha story from Jimmy about his new band next year:


JIMMY PAGE Says He Will Start New Band, Perform Material Spanning His Entire Career

September 30, 2014 169 Comments


LED ZEPPELIN guitarist Jimmy Page says that "it doesn't look likely" that the band will ever reunite again but plans to form his own group and play material from his entire career, including his ZEPPELIN work.

During an appearance earlier today (Tuesday, September 30) at the playback of the remastered versions of "Led Zeppelin IV" and "Houses Of The Holy" at Olympic Studios in London, England, Page was asked directly by NME.com if remastering the albums made him want to reform the band again. He said: "I don't think it looks as though that's a possibility or on the cards, so there's not much more I can say about that. I'm not going to give a detail-by-detail account of what one person says or another person says. All I can say is it doesn't look likely, does it?" When pressed on whether the holdup was down to frontman Robert Plant's reluctance to revisit the band, Page added: "I've just said it doesn't look very likely."

Page also spoke about desire to get a band together and hit the stage again. He told members of the media at the event: "If I was to play again, it would be with musicians that would be… some of the names might be new to you. I haven't put them together yet, but I'm going to do that next year. If I went out to play, I would play material that spanned everything from my recording career right back to my very, very early days with THE YARDBIRDS. There would certainly be some new material in there as well."

Page added: "I love playing live, I really do. Live concerts are always an interesting challenge because it means you can always change things as you're playing every night. You can make it even more of an adventure. I would play all of the things I'm known to play — instrumental versions of 'Dazed And Confused', etcetera, etcetera…"

Plant, who's busy promoting his new album, "Lullaby And… The Ceaseless Roar", was recently asked by Billboard if he heard anything revelatory in Page's archival snapshots in the reissues of "Led Zeppelin IV" and "Houses Of The Holy"Plant dismissed the unreleased tracks, saying, "No, not really. Because it's so long ago. What you're hearing there is mostly work-in-progress stuff. Things on their way to completion, and maybe there's some little quirk or something that led to an either/or moment. But it's nothing relevant, really. Not to me, at least."

Coming on October 28 will be the Page-remastered editions of 1971's "Led Zeppelin IV" and 1973's "Houses Of The Holy", which will both be released with previously unreleased audio content in a variety of packages — including a limited-edition "Super Deluxe" box set.

Plant spoke about his use of ZEPPELIN material in his current live act, but hinted that it was the modern approach to the material that delivers the point across. "I think it's a way to enjoy the music," he said. "We do 'Black Dog' and 'Whole Lotta Love' and these other ones, and our approach is driven mostly by trance and psychedelia and the musicians' relationships to African music. In each case, one of the guys in the band will take dominance, and that kind of determines where it goes."

Read more at http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/jimmy-page-says-he-will-start-new-band-perform-material-spanning-his-entire-career/#wOUmycKkekIHD6oS.99

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Physical Graffiti re-release information (by way of Amazon.co.uk):

(February 23?)



Disc: 1
1. Custard Pie
2. The Rover
3. In My Time Of Dying
4. Houses Of The Holy
5. Trampled Under Foot
6. Kashmir

Disc: 2
1. In The Light
2. Bron - Yr
3. Down By The Seaside
4. Ten Years Gone
5. Night Flight
6. The Wanton Song
7. Boogie With Stu
8. Black Country Woman
9. Sick Again


Disc: 3
1. Brandy & Coke (Trampled Under Foot - Initial Rough Mix)
2. Sick Again (Early Version)
3. In My Time Of Dying (Initial Rough Mix)
4. Houses Of The Holy (Rough Mix With Overdubs)
5. Everybody Makes It Through (In The Light Early Version/In Transit)
6. Boogie With Stu (Sunset Sound Mix)
7. Driving Through Kashmir (Kashmir Rough Orchestra Mix)

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Well, got on train from London Paddington yesterday out towards the Thames Valley, sat down, and there opposite me was Jimmy Page.


A bit grumpy at first (after I'd re-introduced myself, having met him once before on a plane to Tokyo in 2002) but then a real pleasure.


'Don't ask me about Robert Plant' became a thoroughly engaging, enthusiastic endorsement of the vinyl revival. He's just been to a record fair in London, digging though crates of old records with other punters who must have had a double take or two on seeing one of rock's royalty getting down and dirty on the shop floor.


Anyway, seemed enthused at having delved into the old Zep vaults to remaster old and unreleased stuff and now he was entertaining himself by trying to find old vinyl rarities. Like what?? Like a rare pressing of Whole Lottta with three t's on the label, and an old gatefold sleeve with the picture on the inside printed upside down.


No more reunions, or not that he was letting on. But got the impression that Percy Plant was now a far off figure. More interested in talking about his 15 year old son who apparently, like more and more kids, are getting the turntable and vinyl bug. Great to meet him again.

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Ross Halfin was probably around there somewhere. He often posts photos of and/or talks about going record shopping with Jimmy. I wonder why he was riding a train though? You would think he would have someone driving him around.


Actually - Ross just mentioned that triple T pressing the other day on Facebook.

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Yep, not as it he doesn't stand out in a crowd, either, but I guess it's just to live a normal life.


Said he'd also been digging around recently in record boxes in Reading too, not far from where he lives, so clearly not bothered by being a fan in with the fans.


Nice fella.

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July 31st (I am surprised they are doing all three at the same time)



Deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin’s final three studio albums: PresenceIn Through The Out Door, andCoda will be released in July. As with the previous deluxe editions, all three have been newly remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page and are accompanied by companion audio comprised of previously unreleased music related to the original release selected and compiled by Page.


Originally released in 1976, Presence was recorded during a whirlwind 18-day session at Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany. The album—which peaked at #1 in both the U.S. and UK and was certified triple platinum—crackles with energy on Zeppelin classics like “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” and “Achilles Last Stand” and delivers powerful jolts of the group at its visceral best. 

The companion audio disc that accompanies Presence has five unreleased reference mixes from the sessions, which reveal works in progress. Along with alternate incarnations of “For Your Life,” “Achilles Last Stand,” and “Royal Orleans,” there is also the previously unheard instrumental curiously titled “10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod (Pod).” 

On its release in the summer of 1979, In Through The Out Door topped the U.S. and UK album charts and has since been certified six-times platinum. Sadly, it would be the last album that Led Zeppelin recorded prior to drummer John Bonham’s passing the following year. Among the seven album tracks are “Fool In The Rain,” and “All My Love,” two songs that remain rock radio staples to this day. 

The album’s companion audio disc features an unreleased rough mix of every track from the original album, including early versions with working titles such as “The Hook” (“All My Love”), “The Epic” (“Carouselambra”), and “Blot” (“I’m Gonna Crawl”). 

The appropriately titled Coda was Led Zeppelin’s final album of studio recordings. Released in 1982, it was comprised of eight unreleased tracks recorded between 1970 and 1978. It peaked at #6 on the album charts and has been certified platinum in the U.S. 

The reissue campaign ends with a double-barrel blast of Led. Coda will be the only Led Zeppelin deluxe edition to include two companion discs, featuring 15 tracks recorded between 1968 and 1974. The oldest song in the collection is also perhaps the most interesting. The frenetic blues jam “Sugar Mama” was recorded in 1968 at Olympic Studios during sessions for the band’s eponymous debut. The song was completed but never officially released until now. “Baby Come On Home” from the same session is also included in the set. Also included is the previously unreleased “St. Tristan’s Sword,” a rollicking instrumental recorded during the Led Zeppelin III sessions in 1970. 

In 1972, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page took a fabled trip to India to perform with the Bombay Orchestra and now, for the first time, recordings from these sessions will be officially released with dynamic takes on “Friends” and “Four Hands” (“Four Sticks” from Led Zeppelin IV). Among the many other highlights featured here is an early version of “When The Levee Breaks” from 1970 titled “If It Keeps On Raining”; rough mixes of “The Wanton Song” and “In The Light,” from the Physical Graffiti sessions at Headley Grange, the latter a different alternate version than the one included in the Physical Graffiti deluxe edition; and an instrumental mix of “Poor Tom” from 1970. 

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This might not be the right place to post it, but I wondered what people think of The Firm? (Also, I didn't want to start a separate thread about a band I don't really know at all.) Is their material interesting, worth checking out? Or is it that "lost in the 80s" syndrome that happened to so many artists that made it big in the 60s-70s?

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One of the greatest singers of all times and one of the greatest guitar players of all times - but lacking in the song department. I am sure you can listen to all of it on Youtube.

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The firm were pretty cool. I saw them live and it was awesome to see page playing live. Too young to see Zeppelin, so it was the only thing I had at the time. Plus Paul Rogers had some game.


Some really good songs. Midnight moonlight. Live in peace. Closer. And few others


Just check wiki and said they wanted pino palladeno as bass player but he was touring with Paul young.

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I saw The Firm in '85. It was good, but not great. I saw Plant in '85 as well. Good, but not great. Saw JPJ open for Crimson in '01. Good, but not great.


So I guess I can say I've seen all the surviving members, but there ain't NOTHING close to The Mighty Zeppelin. 

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I saw The Firm in '85. It was good, but not great. I saw Plant in '85 as well. Good, but not great. Saw JPJ open for Crimson in '01. Good, but not great.


So I guess I can say I've seen all the surviving members, but there ain't NOTHING close to The Mighty Zeppelin. 


Them Crooked Vultures was pretty great. Haven't seen JP or RP though...

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