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Streaming "The Whole Love"

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Art Of Almost reminds of the first time I heard I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, right after buying Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I remember thinking as the song started "I am hearing something really special here". Really enjoyed the first listen through. Thanks again Wilco!!

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A 1st attempt at 'Sunday Morning' lyrics:



This is how I tell it, oh but it’s long

One Sunday Morning, oh the sun is gone


(?? Silhouette dawning), over the sea

My father said what I had become, no one should be


Outside I look lived in, like the -- in a shrine

How am I forgiven? Oh I get time


This I learned without warning,

Holding my brow

In time you thought I would kill him

Oh but I didn’t know how


I said it’s your god I don’t believe in

No, your bible can’t be true

Knocked down by the limelight

He cried I fear what’s for you


I can hear those bells

Spoken at dawn

I feel relief, I feel well

Now he knows he was wrong


Bring ‘em cold for my father

Frozen underground

Jesus, I wouldn’t bother

He belongs to me now


Something sad keeps moving

So I wander around

I fell in love with the burden

Holding me down


Bless my mind I miss

Being told how to live

But I learned without knowing

How much more I owe than I can give


This is how I tell it, oh but it’s long

One Sunday morning, one sun is gone

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I wouldn't say it's challenging at all. It's very good, but definitely leans heavily on deliberate poppiness for me.


Yeah, I don't think it's challenging either. As excellent as it is in places, a lot of it is built around the kind of complacent approach to songwriting and recording that's kept me from being a regular on this board since SBS came out. Would anybody really give a crap about songs like Standing O or Born Alone if Wilco hadn't signed their name to them? I know I don't, and I already like the band...


I think what makes the record work so well at its best is that it's fussy, in a way that Wilco hasn't been fussy since the YHF/AGIB days. The arrangements of songs like the long closer and the brilliant opener feel like countries to be explored, and the textures and flourishes aren't just there for their own sake but for the sake of the songs. I can already see myself making my own mix of this record like I did for the last two, dropping all the crap like Open Mind and Standing O and getting right to the good stuff.

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Have gone through the record twice now -- mostly, I really dig it! The song sequence felt good during the second listen -- Art of Almost, Capital City and Black Moon are great. One Sunday Morning is epic in the same sense that Remember Mtn. Bed is... So psyched to see a good chunk of these songs in Boston and Montreal very soon! But first, I am gonna check out Pearl Jam in Montreal this coming week...

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What a journey...it's a helluva long way from A.M. to "The Art of Almost". The breadth of the musical styles and textures on this record are absolutely amazing.


Epic? Epic.


I wouldn't say it's challenging at all. It's very good, but definitely leans heavily on deliberate poppiness for me.


Yeah...very band has extremes going from "Art of Almost" to "One Sunday Morning".



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Guest McGuffin

First of all, I like how the record spins and has four sides, but why is it spinning at what appears to be 78 rpm?


I was shocked and floored at the opener. It's their best opener since I Am Trying and, like others have said, is a bit Radiohead. It also reminds me a bit of Breaking Into Heaven by Stone Roses as far as feel and how it progresses but not in sound, if that makes sense. Best track on the album for me by far.


Again, this record, just like the last two, has a big time let down right in the middle and toward the end after Dawned on Me. Maybe these tracks will grow like Hell is Chrome did into the mofo that it is now. Who knows? But for now, Black Moon, Born Alone, Capital City, Standing O (to a point) and Red Lung don't do much for me. Whole Love and One Sunday then have a lot of weight to carry to pick up the album, and they ultimately do, sort of like Everlasting did on WTA.


I can't see this growing for me into a YHF because those middle tracks won't likely ever do it for me. Still, I'm pretty impressed with the first four tunes and think the final two will grow into epics. That's still a half good, half not so good album, as were SBS and WTA for me.

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