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Finding the perfect verified option...

We are experiencing higher traffic than usual. Your wait time is approximately 11 minutes.

well that was even faster than yesterday...   Sorry, no matches currently...

Tons of fans are shopping and some may have let their tickets go. You can try again, or you can explore one of the options below.

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Cmon people there are well over 100 tickets for sale at Stubhub

Here's a real steal in row KK lower Orchestra for just $ 549.00 each,and that's before fees.

Yep I will be inline and online at the Orpheum Tomorrow.

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Didn't get tickets for 2/6 Brooklyn show. Will try again tomorrow, but what a mess. Secondary market seems to be flooded with tickets. Seeing this more often nowadays. I think that's because a lot of these tickets go directly to the secondary market and are never even offered to us regular folks. And all that I want to do is bring my daughter to the show for her birthday she's 14 years old. Great that this is what she wants, sucks that it's so hard to get tickets.

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pulling decent singles for Brooklyn

Is this a hipster dating show on MTVu?


Regarding the disappearance of Boston tix: Well, would you rather they play Agganis Arena which is what I was expecting them to play? I think the Orpheum and Wang are interchangeable in terms of capacity. It seems obvious that there's a hunger for Wilco in Boston and not everyone makes the trip out to Western MA for Solid Sound. I wonder if they could sell out the Garden?


I hope this quick sellout forces them to come back in the summer and play.

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serious question... do you think if the top price seats for Boston were double (ie, $150) that they would also sell so fast?

i think teh answer is yes.

Eventually Perhaps .. it's been that high prior e.g. When Neill Young played there a few hrs ago it was that for lowers

I love Wilco but, not for 150 top tier just yet..

In another 5 yrs I will have no choice as they are that good, and I bet the rent on these medium size venues never goes down. Of course if I'm investing in a 4 hr total drive time seeing them well perhaps,that's what I'm paying presently,in reality.


Back on topic I just decided to buy 4 GAs ( easily ) at the noontime sale for. CT it's a 2 hour drive

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Broken Foot,


I hear ya. I was gonna fly to Atlanta from NOLA for both shows at the Tabernacle. I'm almost certain I won't get floor tix tomorrow and may not even bother with it.

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